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  • How butter and cheese can keep you slim - and even ward off diabetes

    The Blurbler
    Mick Gill
    23 Sep 2014 | 2:20 am
    How butter and cheese can keep you slim - and even ward off diabetes Read More
  • Saga Users Safe from Shellshock, AKA the Bash Bug Blog
    Teresa Demel
    27 Sep 2014 | 9:52 am
    The news about Shellshock broke on Thursday, uncovering a vulnerability in Mac OSX and Linux systems that use BASH, the widely used command line utility. We want to reassure our users that the security and privacy of their Saga data is safe. Our team responded as soon as the announcement was made, identifying and patching all services affected by this bug. We are keeping an eye on any new threats related to the bash bug. To learn more about Shellshock, click here. The post Saga Users Safe from Shellshock, AKA the Bash Bug appeared first on Blog.
  • 3 Mindsets To Help You Let Go Of Clutter

    Get Organized Wizard
    Kylie Browne
    18 Sep 2014 | 3:16 am
    Do you spend a lot of time thinking and planning, with little action? Lisa recently asked this question: We moved into our new house over a year ago now and I’m frustrated with the amount of stuff we have that clutters my home. I want to purge. I want to throw every un-useful thing out and start fresh. However every time I try to make a start, I find some crazy reason to keep these things. I’ve read books, done e-courses, written list after list about what I need to do but I just can’t seem to do it when it comes to the crunch. What am I doing wrong? Help Me!
  • 3 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

    Dumb Little Man - Tips for Life
    Theo J Ellis
    26 Sep 2014 | 7:06 am
    “Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” – Samuel Johnson There’s a lot of truth to the quote above by Samuel Johnson. Almost everything great starts with self confidence. Confidence is what sunlight is to plants, without it, you’ll struggle, be unhappy, and find it hard to make real progress. Confidence is a big part of success, doing things exceptionally well, and being proud of what you do. Confidence is a big part of being happy and developing your skills. These 3 powerful ways to boost confidence have helped me a lot, and still do. So…
  • Write a Letter to Your Future Self (Review of my Past Letters and Tips to Write Your Letter!)

    Personal Excellence
    22 Aug 2014 | 4:20 am
    Writing a letter to your future self is a concept I first wrote about in 2009, in my article of the same name. It is also the task for Day 29 of Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program. As I was recently reviewing the letters from my past self (in 2008) and writing my next batch of letters to my future selves, I thought it’s the perfect chance to record a video tutorial of the process and show you guys how you can do the same too! Watch the video below (please leave a “like” on my YouTube video page if you want more videos like this!): (If you’re unable to see the…
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    Dumb Little Man - Tips for Life

  • Better Eating vs. Exercise – Do You Really Need Both?

    Paisley Hansen
    29 Sep 2014 | 5:43 am
    When people are trying to get healthy, there are two main ways in which they generally go about doing it: through diet, or through exercise. In fact, when we think healthy lifestyle, we think of something based around those two subjects. While both are necessary in order to live a completely healthy lifestyle, many people are keen to extol the virtues of one over the other. However, there is one simple truth that no amount of exercising or dieting will erase: in order to live a truly healthy lifestyle, you cannot have one without the other. Sure, you might go to the gym every day, working…
  • 3 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

    Theo J Ellis
    26 Sep 2014 | 7:06 am
    “Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” – Samuel Johnson There’s a lot of truth to the quote above by Samuel Johnson. Almost everything great starts with self confidence. Confidence is what sunlight is to plants, without it, you’ll struggle, be unhappy, and find it hard to make real progress. Confidence is a big part of success, doing things exceptionally well, and being proud of what you do. Confidence is a big part of being happy and developing your skills. These 3 powerful ways to boost confidence have helped me a lot, and still do. So…
  • 5 Steps for Sharpening Your Mind for Success

    Devin C. Hughes
    25 Sep 2014 | 5:50 am
    Your success is not in your hands. It’s in your mind. I saw you snicker and that’s not some psycho mumbo jumbo. When you make up your mind to be a success, your mind leads your actions. Those actions lead you to success because you become what you think about most. You know it’s true. Remember the gorgeous blonde you saw in the bar and you fell all over yourself trying to pick her up? It didn’t work. Because you had in your mind that she was out of your league, but you tried anyway. She thought it was hilarious that you couldn’t talk like a grown man, but she wasn’t going out of…
  • 6 Lessons Learned From Over 200 Hours of Therapy

    Sebastian Aiden
    24 Sep 2014 | 5:40 am
    “You can stay in therapy your whole life, but you’ve got to live life and not talk about life.” –Tracey Gold I’ve been to over 200 hours of therapy. These are the some of the things I’ve learned from all that time and money spent. Dun. Dun. Dun. I wanted to replicate the beginning of Law and Order, but I probably failed. That’s okay and that failure leads me to the first thing I learned. It Is Okay To Be Who You Are I tell some really dorky jokes. Jokes that are unfunny to most people. I use to not do this because I was ashamed of being me. I was afraid of others judging me so I…
  • The One Technique to Get What You Want From Difficult People

    Kate Matsudaira
    23 Sep 2014 | 5:35 am
    Last week I was in Silicon Valley and I was meeting with one of my consulting clients, a CTO at a high growth startup. During our conversation, we started talking about one of his engineering managers. He was struggling to manage this fellow, since every time they were trying to make a decision (green-lighting a new feature, adjusting their strategy, etc.) this manager reacted with resistance. It didn’t matter what the decision was; it seemed like he always had an objection. Luckily, I was able to help. How? Well, I know a lot about this kind of difficult behavior firsthand, because I used…
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  • Pushbullet Adds Channels, Lets You Subscribe to a Variety of Updates

    Eric Ravenscraft
    30 Sep 2014 | 7:30 am
    It seems like we can hardly go a whole week without some sweet new Pushbullet news. Today, the company announced a new feature called Channels that allow you to subscribe to various updates including Steam Deals and or stock news.Read more...
  • These Popular Bluetooth Speakers Are Only $30 Each Today

    Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to Lifehacker
    30 Sep 2014 | 6:45 am
    Whether you're taking them to the beach, a tailgate, or just using them to boost your iPad's volume in the kitchen, Bluetooth speakers are incredibly handy, and we've found a couple of highly-rated models for just $30 each today.Read more...
  • Find Out Why a Home Seller Is Moving to Craft the Perfect Offer

    Alan Henry
    30 Sep 2014 | 6:30 am
    Many people put in offers on homes based on what they think they're worth—and that's important—but the situation the seller is in is also important. Depending on why—and when—the seller is moving, you can craft an offer that may save you even more money.Read more...
  • Deadspin Chiefs Safety Husain Abdullah Flagged For Muslim-Prayer TD Celebration | Gawker Racist Woma

    Jane-Claire Quigley on Kinja Roundup, shared by Whitson Gordon to Lifehacker
    30 Sep 2014 | 6:06 am
    Deadspin Chiefs Safety Husain Abdullah Flagged For Muslim-Prayer TD Celebration | Gawker Racist Woman's Drunken Airline Meltdown Immortalized in Live-Tweeting | Gizmodo Could a Simple Pill Make You Mentally Stronger? | Kotaku How Nintendo Convinced The World To Buy A Weird Mario Game Read more...
  • Get Your Dog to Come Back by Running the Other Way

    Whitson Gordon
    30 Sep 2014 | 6:00 am
    No matter how well you train your dog, they sometimes slip away from you. You try to get them back, and they just don't want to come. One Quora user has a solution: run the other way.Read more...
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  • Declutter your email subject lines

    David Caolo
    30 Sep 2014 | 7:30 am
    Long ago in a town far, far away, I was an undergraduate student. I had one teacher, professor O’Brien, who insisted that his students communicate with him via email. Back then, I sent and received at most two messages per week. Today, you can put a pair of zeros behind that number. I’m sure I’m not alone. For many, reading emails is more of a chore than a convenience. One thing you can do to make things easier on your recipients is to write clear, uncluttered subject lines. It’s not very difficult, but can go a long way to making this often irksome task more pleasant and…
  • A year ago on Unclutterer

    PJ Doland
    28 Sep 2014 | 7:15 am
    2013 Unitasker Wednesday: Guacamole bowl For many years, I’ve been unable to eat guacamole at home because I did not own this extremely specialized serving device just for guacamole. 2012 Unitasker Wednesday: Piece of Cake Layer Slicing Kit For all your 10″ and 11″ round layered cake cutting needs … which, I guess, are few. How to plan for a spontaneous trip Spontaneous trips can be fun, exciting, and even a little stressful. Here are five ways to make sure your unplanned trip goes off without a hitch. 2011 Clutter can kill creativity and innovation Career expert and…
  • Organized preparation for medical procedures

    Jeri Dansky
    25 Sep 2014 | 7:30 am
    As you are reading this, I’m at home recuperating from shoulder surgery. As such surgeries go, it was pretty minor, but there was still a reasonable amount of preparation I needed to do. I never had a pre-surgery checklist before, so I had to think through things fairly carefully. The following were some of the things I had to consider: Learning how my calendar would be affected Besides knowing the date of surgery, I had to find out what post-surgery appointments I would have and what physical therapy would be needed. Doctor’s offices often tend to tell you only the next step, but…
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Roll N Pour

    Erin Doland
    24 Sep 2014 | 7:30 am
    All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy! My children probably have no idea what gallon milk containers look like because I don’t buy gallon milk containers. The kids can’t lift and pour a gallon yet, so I get 1/2 gallons that the oldest one can manipulate and the younger one eventually will. When we do make the switch to gallon containers, however, I can guarantee we won’t also be purchasing the Roll N Pour: In the words of Skippyjon Jones, “Holy frijoles!” This…
  • A year ago on Unclutterer

    PJ Doland
    24 Sep 2014 | 7:15 am
    2013 Creative organization with chalkboard paint Chalkboard paint allows you to organize spices, drinks, and so much more. 2012 Seven more things you can do right now to reduce paper clutter Here are six things you can do right now to control paper clutter. 2011 Twelve strategies for achieving your goals from the book Willpower One of the topics covered extensively in Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength is goal setting and achievement. The book’s authors Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney identify 12 proven strategies for successfully reaching your goals. 2010…
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  • 15 Relationship Lessons That Ted Mosby Taught Us

    Sammy Nickalls
    25 Sep 2014 | 12:30 pm
    Oh, Ted Mosby. From stolen blue French horns to bad shellfish puns, you have taught us so much. How I Met Your Mother may have ended this year (sad face), but the good ol’ Ted’s lessons will always stick with me. After all, Ted took years to find “The One,” and often made some humorous mistakes along the way. But he never let his belief in love fade, and he finally found the one who loved him for the punny, slightly stuck-up, lovable grammar nazi he is. Here’s what Schmosby taught us about love. 1. Don’t judge your loved ones based on their past.
  • 33 Hilarious Struggling Moments Only Daddys And Mommys Would Understand

    Jaye Anne Gallagher
    25 Sep 2014 | 11:30 am
    1.  How fun parenting seems before having kids 2.  How every woman feels when she finds out she is pregnant 3.  What it’s like to be pregnant at a desk job 4.  Pregnancy cravings affect Mommy, Daddy, and Baby 5.  What Mommy thinks about when she finds out she’s having a girl 6.  What Daddy thinks about when he finds out he’s having a girl 7.  What Mommy thinks about when she finds out she’s having a boy 8.  What Daddy thinks about when he finds out he’s having a boy 9.  What birth is like for the baby 10.  How…
  • 15 Simple but Powerful Back Exercises to Ease Stiffness and Lower Back Pain

    Samuel Pustea
    25 Sep 2014 | 9:30 am
    Almost every single person on this planet has experienced some sort of back pain, whether it be in their lower, middle, or upper back. I can tell you those who have had it bad will bear witness to the horrific pain that can come with any kind of back pain. Some might become so desperate that they’ll resort to options such as surgery. Ouch! But what if I can help you without doing something so drastic? What if you found that back exercises or stretching might be the one thing that actually helped? Read over this list of fifteen exercises that will help ease…
  • Seven Things That Mark Cuban Said That Made Me Work Harder Than Ever

    Teddy Lim
    25 Sep 2014 | 7:00 am
    Mark Cuban is an American billionaire, investor, and owner of Dallas Mavericks. He is also a “shark” investor on the Television series “Shark Tank”. In short, he is one of the most inspiring people we can (and should) turn to for advice. Personally, reading and listening to his words alone have made me work harder than ever. So, here are seven quotes from Mark Cuban that will pump up your motivation to work harder as well: “Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you” It’s very easy to get lazy and unmotivated while…
  • DIY Projects for Junk Around Your Home

    Jane Scearce
    25 Sep 2014 | 6:30 am
    Do you have items lying around your house or stuffed into drawers that you can’t do much with but that you don’t want to throw out? Do you like saving money while reducing wastefulness at the same time? Finding creative ways to use junk items in your home is a great way to satisfy those needs! Your junk drawers, recycling bins, and even the spare change beneath your couch cushions have the potential to become beautiful DIY projects. Check out the ideas below for some projects to try. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Make ornaments with CDs you no…
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  • Do You Know How To Gut A Fish?

    Andrew Salomone
    30 Sep 2014 | 7:01 am
    If, by some mysterious turn of events, you end up with a fresh fish on your hands, make sure you know how to handle the situation with this basic tutorial from FOOD52.Read more on MAKE
  • The Radio Confessional

    30 Sep 2014 | 5:01 am
    I built this tiny broadcast room complete with live mics that broadcast to the local radio.  The structure is made of scrap steel and scrap plywood with a faux stucco paint job (paint and bead styrofoam) . The walls on the inside are strung making the entire structure a musical instrument.  The walls […]
  • The Mathematical Art of Vladimir Bulatov

    Caleb Kraft
    29 Sep 2014 | 1:01 pm
    Vladimir has been making mathematical and geometric art for some time. At 3D printshow we caught up with him and he shares how 3D printing has changed his art work. Filed under: Art & DesignRead more on MAKE
  • New Project: PC Box Fan

    Jason Poel Smith
    29 Sep 2014 | 11:08 am
    What do you do with a bunch of small fans? You combine them into one big fan.Read more on MAKE
  • 7 Fire Sculptures – Art, Flame, and Robotics Collide

    Cabe Atwell
    29 Sep 2014 | 10:01 am
    When art meets robotics, wonderful things happen, like fire sculptures – interactive robotic sculptures that shoot fire. America, the brave. Read more on MAKE
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    The Art of Manliness

  • Why I Like When Other Men Make Me Feel Bad About Myself

    29 Sep 2014 | 3:04 pm
    When I’m reading about the life of Theodore Roosevelt – writer, soldier, president, explorer – I’m amazed at how much more manly he was than I am, and how much more he did with his life than I’ll ever do with mine. There are also modern men that knock my manliness down a peg. Take a guy like Sam Sheridan, author of A Fighter’s Heart and The Fighter’s Mind Here’s how the “About” page on his website reads: “I grew up in Western Massachusetts, the son of educators. My mother is an artist, a writer and a teacher, and my father is an ex-Navy Seal and the business manager of a…
  • Art of Manliness Podcast #83: Learning to Breathe Fire With J. C. Herz

    26 Sep 2014 | 12:54 pm
    This episode is brought to you in part by Visit OriginalStitch.comto check out an entirely new way to buy a shirt for the modern man and and get $20 OFF with code ‘ARTOFMAN’ In this episode I talk to writer J. C. Herz about her book, Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about CrossFit. I’ll admit that before I read Learning to Breathe Fire, I had just a vague idea of how CrossFit worked, and was honestly pretty skeptical of it. My only…
  • The Weekly Huckberry Giveaway: September 26, 2014

    26 Sep 2014 | 12:12 pm
    Last week’s winner was Travis C. from Durham, NC. He chose the Apolis Wool Chore Jacket — an excellent choice for the coming fall and winter. My Picks This Week A couple weeks ago we featured Woolrich’s new line of shoes; this week we’re highlighting their iconic wool blankets. Their mill has been in operation for 183 years, and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon on cranking out high-quality blankets. The blazers from Hugh & Crye come with the fit and quality material of being individually tailored, but with off-the-rack prices by utilizing a unique sizing…
  • Art of Manliness Book Club October ’14: Friday Night Lights

    Jeremy Anderberg
    25 Sep 2014 | 12:22 pm
    “Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose!” Who can forget Coach Taylor’s immortal mantra from the epic TV show, Friday Night Lights? We have a bit of a love affair with the show here at AoM. In fact, we’ve written an article about what a man can learn from FNL, and we’ve mentioned it in countless more articles. I knew it was based on a non-fiction book, but had yet to take the time to find out the true tale. We’re in the midst of football season, so what better time to get to know the real story of the Panthers from Odessa, TX, especially amongst all the…
  • The Best Way To Reheat Pizza

    Jeremy Anderberg
    25 Sep 2014 | 11:35 am
    Pizza has long been one of man’s best friends. Crispy, cheesy, melty, meaty — it’s a winning proposition all around. One of the beauties of pizza is how well it makes multiple meals. The ginormous 20-inch NY-style pepperoni pizza above (from the stupendous Fat Sully’s here in Denver) provided 5 delicious meals over the course of 4 days. How many other foods can do that for ya? The real problem (if you can really call it a problem) is figuring out the best way to eat it after Day 1. There are of course those that believe that reheating pizza in any fashion constitutes…
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    Terry "Starbucker" St. Marie

  • (Beware of) The 7 Deadly Leadership Sins

    28 Sep 2014 | 3:30 pm
    Anyone who is chosen to be a leader has to take on one huge responsibility to do it successfully – to be the person who “shows the way“.   It’s the very definition of the word “lead“. In that position, all eyes are on YOU. Your actions, attitudes, and demeanor will dictate how well your team will perform. It calls for a great sense of self-awareness, and a keen sense of the trap doors that will inevitably lurk around every corner. I call them the seven deadly leadership sins. Commit one, and we lose a key element of our team dynamic.   If we succumb to…
  • 10 Great Leadership Quotes (And How To Use Them To Inspire Your Team)

    21 Sep 2014 | 3:30 pm
    These past few evenings we’ve been watching the fantastic Ken Burns mini-series on PBS called “The Roosevelts – An Intimate History”. The first two chapters were focused on Teddy Roosevelt, who is one of the most fascinating, inspiring, and complex leaders I’ve ever studied. He was a brilliant man who could really “bring it” in his public speeches – an ability to rally people behind him by using eloquent words and fierce passion. Many of those words still inspire today, especially his famous “Man in the Arena” speech in 1910. There…
  • The Leadership Equation: 7 Keys To An Awesome Team

    14 Sep 2014 | 3:30 pm
    Sometimes it all boils down to math. Even for something as inherently “unmathmatical” as great leadership of an awesome team. I’ve discovered that being a successful leader involves a lot of adding and multiplying that go beyond the numbers on a financial statement, or an employee roster. The kind of math I’m talking about deals with human qualities and traits. A savvy leader knows how to use those traits in various additive and multiplicative ways, to make a team infinity better than its component individuals. How so?   Take a look at what I call the…
  • Getting From Idea To Execution: 5 Lessons From a Kickstarter Video

    7 Sep 2014 | 3:30 pm
    Last week I told you about my latest venture, Built Oregon, and how we were launching a Kickstarter campaign on Labor Day. Today, I have great news  - thanks to the help of 156 great people we hit our campaign target on Friday, only 5 days after launch. As we noted on the latest update to our backers, And now, it’s real. One hundred and fifty six people people from Oregon and outside our state lines want to hear the stories of entrepreneurship in our beautiful state. We hear you. We’ve got work to do. We’re truly humbled and grateful for the support we’ve received,…
  • The Next Great Leadership Experiment: Built Oregon

    31 Aug 2014 | 3:30 pm
    It’s been almost 4 years now since my cable TV company was sold, and my wife and I packed up and moved from Stamford, Connecticut to Portland, Oregon. We came to Portland not because of business opportunity or proximity to family & friends – we came because of what we felt during several vacations we had taken there. It was a vibe, a sense, an instinct. THIS was the place we could take the next new steps in our lives. Those steps revolved around five simple concepts I had rattling around in my head Sense of community Giving back & teaching Entrepreneurial spirit…
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    Live Your Legend

  • The Start-A-Blog Challenge Begins Today! Free 7-day writing course + win a $500 ticket to World Domination Summit 2015

    23 Sep 2014 | 8:33 am
    Share on Facebook Retweet this “There’s one thing that separates writers from everyone else. They write. ”  - Unknown I have fun news. The LYL Start-A-Blog Challenge is back & starts now! Plus, I created a free writing course, just for you… I believe a blog is hands-down the most powerful passion-discovery and career-transition tool on the planet. When I consider everything I’ve done in the past decade to learn about myself, build a career and make a difference, nothing has been more powerful than my decision to start a blog and adopt a daily writing,…
  • How to Become a Main Stage TED Speaker: Interview with TED Content Director Kelly Stoetzel

    17 Sep 2014 | 8:20 am
    Share on Facebook Retweet this Stepping Onto the World’s Stage Most of you probably already know my obsession with TED. Their 1,700+ free videos from the smartest, most talented, influential, creative and crazy people in the world provide more useful education and inspiration than just about anything else I’ve found on the Internet. To date their talks have been watched well over 1 billion times. Over the past few decades the TED stage has become one of the most prestigious on the planet. Those who share their ideas in front of that crowd often immediately rocket to the top of…
  • Ask the Reader: What Quest or Adventure Are You Dying to Pursue?

    8 Sep 2014 | 8:38 pm
    Share on Facebook Retweet this “Regret is what you should fear the most. If something is going to keep you awake at night, let it be the fear of not following your dream.” - Chris Guillebeau The Endless Pursuit of What Matters… As I write this, I’m wearing a Live Your Legend t-shirt. The back of it says “Do Something That Matters.” First, do things that matter to you. When you do, they also end up mattering to those around you, and in a way, to the world. But this was never meant to just apply to doing work you love – it goes for everything we do.
  • A 5-Minute Hack to Finding Your Life’s Work

    3 Sep 2014 | 5:41 pm
    Share on Facebook Retweet this “I would do something different if I only knew what to do.” This seems to be one of the most common challenges keeping people from pursing work that matters. I hear it waaay too often. And it’s especially common for the new members of the Live Your Legend community just starting the journey (although all of us face it off and on, forever)… “I don’t know what I’m passionate about. I don’t know my strengths, talents or the difference I want to make in the world. If I did, I’d be doing something about…
  • 4 Steps to Crafting, Testing & Perfecting Your ‘Everyday’ Elevator Pitch

    26 Aug 2014 | 8:01 pm
    Share on Facebook Retweet this “Even the biggest ideas in the world start with the smallest of conversations. Say something.” “So, what do you do?” “Um, I’m in sales. What about you?” “I’m an accountant.” Sounds like the start of a mouthwatering conversation, eh? I’ve never liked this question, especially since it’s one of the first things that often gets brought up in a new conversation. It assumes you are your job (which you’re not) and it opens a topic most people don’t enjoy talking about. But…
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    Instructables: exploring - featured

  • How to make a vase for a single flower

    30 Sep 2014 | 4:11 am
    I introduce a way to reuse burnt out a light bulb to the vase for the single flower. Materials Prepare materials, burnt out the light bulb, pliers, a hammer, an awl, a bolt. Remove Parts Remove metal parts of the tip with the use of pliers. Break a Grass Break a grass of the tip with the us...By: ishiyasuContinue Reading »
  • Let's Make Corn Husk Dolls!

    29 Sep 2014 | 11:32 pm
    I LOVE corn husk dolls! Last year I made some with my daughter. We got this fantastic idea that we would make some quaint and rustic dolls and give them to "Nana" for a pre-Thanksgiving gift. We put corn husks on our grocery list and were really dismayed(actually, distraught) when they not only didn...By: cdstudioNHContinue Reading »
  • Pirate Chest Cooler Box

    29 Sep 2014 | 9:14 pm
    I recently saw an instructable about turning a cooler into a treasure chest and had to give it a go. I'll walk you through the steps I took to turn my cooler into a treasure chest. All of my materials used were recycled wood from pallets and t...By: joshwelch9Continue Reading »
  • Super Mario Hat Tutorial

    29 Sep 2014 | 7:29 pm
    My youngest son is going to be Super Mario from the Nintendo DS/Wii Games for Halloween this year.Most of the time I am perfectly fine with purchasing costumes, as I am a full time working mommy with way to many commitments.However, I am also trying to be reasonable that with three children, purcha...By: DeandrasCraftsContinue Reading »
  • Puzzle and Dragons beginner's guide

    29 Sep 2014 | 2:52 pm
    I recently passed my 200th day playing this game, so I thought I'd write up a basic beginner's guide to Puzzle and Dragons. :DP.S. Other PAD players - see anything I missed? Have any useful tips? Leave them in the comments!!For those of you not sure what Puzzle and Dragons is, have a look at the off...By: jessyratfinkContinue Reading »
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  • Simple Time Savings Investments

    Mark Shead
    16 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    Poor organization is one of the biggest productivity killers. When you can’t find a tool you need or have to sort through a pile of outdated papers to find the one you are looking for, it slows you down and eats up valuable minutes that could be spent on something more important. In this post, we are going to look at some simple things you can do to help make your life more productive by organizing specific areas. Most of these are things where 15 minutes of focused effort will go a long way toward saving you hours in the future. 1. Clean out your closet You’ve probably heard the…
  • Going Back to College

    Mark Shead
    2 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    Summer is ending and students are headed back to school. But what if you are past college age, replete with family responsibilities, holding down a full time job, and still feel like some additional training would improve your career? Thanks to the Internet, there are all kinds of options for getting a degree while keeping your current job and still making it to your kid’s baseball games. I recently completed an online master’s degree in software engineering through Harvard’s Extension School, and I can definitely say that in a world where you have to constantly retrain…
  • Getting the Most out of College

    Mark Shead
    19 Aug 2014 | 8:00 am
    With students all headed back to school, it is a good time to look at some ways to get the most out of college. College is a fascinating place and most people won’t fully appreciate all the opportunities they were given until years later. With that in mind, here are some tips for students wanting to get the most out of their college experience. 1. Networking A large part of the value of a college education is the people you meet, but to really take advantage of that you are going to have to intentionally network with people. Don’t be the person who sees every person as a potential…
  • 5 Efficient College Tips

    Mark Shead
    5 Aug 2014 | 8:00 am
    There are two ways to approach college. The first is to be intentional and plan out your studies. The second is to just let college “happen” to you. Obviously a little planning can go a long ways toward giving you the best educational experience. In this post, we are going to look at five tips for making your college years more efficient. 1. Take intersession courses from a junior college. Over Christmas break of my junior year, my brother and I took American History from our hometown community college in seven days. These were eight hour days with two or three tests each day. The…
  • Intuit Productivity Webinar

    Mark Shead
    24 Jul 2014 | 7:42 am
    Yesterday I participated in a webinar sponsored by Intuit called “Get More Done. Today.” with Craig Jarrow (blogs at Time Management Ninja) and Mike Williams (CEO at David Allen Company). Dan Schawbel moderated the event. I had a great time answering questions and learning some new tips and tricks from Craig and Mike. If you’d like to view the recording, click here or on the image below.
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    Inspire Me Today » Blog

  • The Truth About Transformation

    Camille Lucy
    30 Sep 2014 | 12:02 am
    Transformation is a process and a journey, not a destination. You will not wake up one day and be “transformed.”  Though some people, teachers or speakers may make it look like eternal and ultimate bliss, keep in mind that you’re not seeing behind the scenes. It takes real effort, reflection and passion (drive and motivation!) to expand into a higher version of yourself… and to not fall back into old patterns. It’s a cycle, just like the wheel of life. You will have good days, bad days, slip ups, successes and everything in between. This doesn’t mean something is…
  • Money (Poem)

    Allen Vaysberg
    25 Sep 2014 | 12:02 am
    “Don’t touch that money, it is dirty!” A caring parent often shouts And then kids wonder when they’re 30 What their aversion’s all about.   “The money doesn’t grow on trees!” We’ve heard that once or twice before It’s there along with “Birds and Bees” Engrained into our very core.   We’re raised on phrases that inspire More fear than honor and respect Some are confusing, some are dire But all produce the same affect.   How ‘bout the following sensation – “Money’s the root of all the sin” This charming, stirring revelation Can really take…
  • 12 Ways to Fall Wildly In Love with Your Life

    Brad Morris
    24 Sep 2014 | 12:02 am
    By falling in love with life, we fall in love with ourselves (and visa versa). When we fall in love with ourselves we can access our true potential because we become willing to give ourselves the experiences, practices and beliefs that support us to succeed AND the self acceptance to get back up when we fail. If we don’t fall in love with life and ourselves, then we fall into the perpetual wheel of self sabotage, struggle and suffering. How I support people (starting with myself) to love life: I establish powerful, self-serving daily practices. Our habits make us who we become. Be…
  • Here’s Your Daily Reminder

    Camille Lucy
    23 Sep 2014 | 12:02 am
    I don’t often get to spend hours of quiet time with my mother, seeing as I have a soon-to-be 5 year old and a newborn.  But recently, I stumbled upon some free time so my mother and I sat down together to watch Heaven is for Real. (The little boy in the movie is simply delish, so cute.). My mother was especially touched by the film, citing a message she received from it. She said so often we go to church or hear a message, and for that short period of time we “get it.” We are kind and patient and living the word of Love. But once we leave that place, we leave behind that…
  • School of HP: The Meaning of Success (Poem)

    Allen Vaysberg
    18 Sep 2014 | 12:02 am
    What is the meaning of success? And is there one true definition? Is there a universal test? Perhaps that ties it to ambition? Perhaps to money… or career? Or how the others view your choices? Is there a word that rings so clear That it drowns out the other noises… I would say no, avoid the stress There is no word that plays the master One’s definition of success Is but another one’s disaster Success is but a state of mind A state of calm and introspection And those who live it always find That it exists in every action Success is but each single stride And recognition that comes with…
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    Mark's Daily Apple

  • Dear Mark: Alcohol and Training; Sitting and Standing; A Useful Workout

    Mark Sisson
    29 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    For today’s edition of Dear Mark, we’ve got a three-parter. First up, I explain how alcohol consumption can affect muscle protein synthesis in a competitive weightlifter. Even what seems like a moderate dose can still affect how we recover from our workouts. Second, what should a person do if they really can’t stand standing at work? If the chair is looking really attractive after a morning workout, should we give in to our desire to sit or try to tough it out? The answer may surprise you. And finally, a friend of the blog writes in with a perfect example of a meaningful…
  • Weekend Link Love – Edition 315

    Mark Sisson
    28 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    Several weeks ago, Leslie Klenke appeared on KCRA in Sacramento to give a Primal cooking demo. This time, she’s showing a group of teens how to exercise Primally. Check it out! Research of the Week All it takes is a millisecond of light to disrupt your circadian rhythm during sleep. In women, getting 7.6 hours of sleep is linked to fewer sick days. In men, it’s 7.8. Is there any other pursuit that people willingly engage in and proclaim to be supremely healthy where total body shutdown is highly probable and accepted? I’ve witnessed this happening numerous times in…
  • Hot and Sour Soup

    Worker Bee
    27 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    Hot and sour soup, with its bracing spicy and sour flavor, tastes intuitively like food that will give your immune system a boost. At the very least, it’ll warm your belly and provide a satisfying meal, and with this recipe, no take-out menu is needed. You can choose to seek out authentic ingredients (like lily buds and cloud ear fungus) or simply go with dried shiitake mushrooms. Likewise, ingredients like soy sauce, sugar and red rice vinegar can be replaced with coconut aminos and plain rice vinegar. This recipe also nixes tofu and cornstarch, resulting in a soup that isn’t traditional…
  • Primal Living at Any Age: One Stubborn Senior’s Testimonial

    26 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading! In addition to asking about whether Primal is useful for seniors, MDA members often ask about how to get stubborn senior fathers, grandfathers, husbands, etc. to go Primal. Since I am old (71) and was fairly stubborn when I started Primal, my…
  • How to Succeed with a Growth Mindset

    Mark Sisson
    25 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    A couple decades ago a Stanford University psychologist by the name of Carol Dweck became famous when she suggested parents praise their children’s efforts instead of compliment them on their “inherent” intelligence (“Joey, you’re such a smart boy! “Suzy, how’s Mama’s smart girl?”). The descriptive accolades telling kids how intelligent they are, her research demonstrated, actually undermined children’s self-confidence and willingness to venture new tasks or unfamiliar material. On the opposite side of the spectrum, acknowledgement of children’s engagement and…
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  • The Productive Sprint

    29 Sep 2014 | 9:21 am
    By Leo Babauta In the past two weeks, I’ve written more than 45,000 words, including 10 posts for Zen Habits and Sea Change and 30 chapters in my new book. That’s a lot of writing. I don’t usually write that much — it’s an unusually high output for me, and I’m not usually that productive. The biggest motivator is that I’m going on a trip today for two weeks with Eva, and I needed to get my writing done before the trip. I call this kind of high-powered output before a vacation my Productive Sprint, and I do it probably 4-5 times a year for various trips…
  • The Biggest Reasons You Haven’t Changed Your Habits

    26 Sep 2014 | 7:13 am
    By Leo Babauta Like a chump, I struggled for years trying to change my habits. I started an exercise program or diet with unrestrained optimism, probably a dozen times. I threw away all my cigarettes and tried quitting smoking about seven times. I tried waking up early, reading more, writing daily, getting out of debt, watching less TV, and failed at all of those. It feels horrible when you can’t stick to habits, and I constantly felt bad about myself. What I didn’t realize back then, until I started successfully changing my habits in late 2005, is that it wasn’t a matter of…
  • Seized by the Thunderhold of Fear

    23 Sep 2014 | 8:48 am
    By Leo Babauta They’re all around us, affecting our lives in unseen ways, causing worry, hesitation, confusion, anxiety, avoidance. They bring us to our knees. Fears control us in ways we never realize, unacknowledged and more powerful because of their unknown workings. Fears stop us from following our dreams, from taking risks, from pursuing love, from seeking adventure, from speaking in public, from going into the unknown, from starting a new venture, from reveling in discomfort. We procrastinate, overeat, find distractions, because of fear. We are seized with constant worry, from…
  • What to Eat for Fat Loss

    19 Sep 2014 | 8:53 am
    By Leo Babauta I’ve gone from obese to overweight to normal weight to pretty fit, in the last decade, and I’m sometimes asked what someone should eat if they want to lose fat. I’ve tried many diets: Atkins, Mediterranean, South Beach, Paleo, Vegan, and a handful of others. I’ve created my own meal plans, I’ve tracked calories, I’ve done intermittent fasting. And I’ve come to the conclusion that while calories do matter for fat loss, the easiest thing to do is to focus on a handful of high-quality foods, especially vegetables, and to avoid eating too…
  • The Heartbreaking Cruelty of Comparing Yourself to Others

    17 Sep 2014 | 9:06 am
    By Leo Babauta We all do it: we look at what others are doing and wish we were doing that too. Or, alternatively, we scoff at what they’re doing and judge them, and see ourselves as better. One makes us feel bad, the other makes us feel superior. Neither makes us happy. Let’s take a couple of quick examples. Example 1: Looking at Instagram I’m not an Instagram user, but family members are, and I see the kinds of things that are posted: people going to parties, to the beach, having a great dinner, traveling, going on a run, doing yoga … generally living an amazing life.
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    Marc and Angel Hack Life

  • 20 Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

    Marc Chernoff
    28 Sep 2014 | 6:13 pm
    Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is simply believing you’re worthy of the trip. Truth be told, you can’t berate yourself into a better version of yourself.  And even though I know this, I sometimes still fall victim to my own negative thinking.  Sometimes I’m downright rude to myself.  I make a mistake, or fall short of my own expectations, and instead of treating it as a learning opportunity, I beat myself up about it. I’m sure you can relate.  We’ve all been there.  We all have bad days and moments of self-doubt. Sometimes the pressure coming from peers, family,…
  • 22 Harsh Truths that Will Jolt You Awake

    Marc Chernoff
    21 Sep 2014 | 5:49 pm
    Once you know better, you can do better. Angel and I receive dozens of amazing emails from amazing people every day.  This morning I received three that truly blew me away.  And while I won’t share these emails in their entirety with you, out of respect for each person’s privacy, I will share one small paragraph – a bite-sized story – from each that I know will make you think: “My mom is a healthy 55-year-old who successfully owns and operates a popular bakery downtown – a goal she’s had all her life.  15 years ago she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  In the face…
  • 12 Promises You Should Make to Yourself and Keep Forever

    Marc Chernoff
    17 Sep 2014 | 5:33 pm
    When you become your own best friend, life is easier. Life is not all rainbows and butterflies.  It can be tough sometimes.  And you’ve paid a heavy price to get this far, so the best option is to really make it count by moving forward from where you are.  Free yourself from the world’s negativity – from the sources of ignorance telling you what you can and cannot do – by promising to look ahead, to live ahead, and to get ahead.  In other words, start making positive promises to yourself! Promise to fight back, to fight harder, to laugh louder and longer and slap adversity…
  • 10 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Stuck

    Marc Chernoff
    14 Sep 2014 | 4:37 pm
    Never assume that you’re stuck with the way things are. Life changes, and so can you. “I don’t know what to do.”  “I’m in a rut.”  “I feel stuck.”  These are words Angel and I hear frequently from coaching clients and blog subscribers (subscribe here) alike.  We all struggle with this kind of mindset sometimes, and if you’re struggling right now, it’s time to push through.  There’s plenty you can do. The truth is, you have the power to move forward no matter what obstacles block your path.  You have the power to live up to your highest vision of how your life…
  • 9 Signs It’s Time to Take a Step Forward

    Angel Chernoff
    10 Sep 2014 | 5:24 pm
    You think 60,000 thoughts a day.  Don’t waste 59,999 of them on limited, negative, unproductive thinking. A person does not have to be behind bars to be a prisoner.  People can be prisoners of their own concepts, choices and ideas.  This is how countless intelligent people waste the majority of their lives.  It’s sad, but true. As life coaches, Marc and I speak with these people every day, and every single day the same thinking traps reveal themselves.  And not surprisingly, when we bring these thinking traps to the attention of our clients, most of them can’t see their faults, at…
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    Organize IT

  • Natural Remedies For Hayfever and Other Allergy Types

    11 Sep 2014 | 7:46 am
    The symptoms of allergic conditions may be different depending on the type of ailment. Thus, when treating allergies with allopathic methods (that mainly imply using conventional pharmaceutical medications), the attention is primarily directed at the presenting symptoms: dermatitis (eczema, itching, redness, etc.), allergic rhinitis (runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes) and etc. Alternative therapies, mainly deprived of undesired side effects, provide a brilliant opportunity of using drugs for each symptom or treating the body as a whole (more typical of homeopathic approaches). Thus,…
  • Why Online Casino Popularity Keeps On Growing?

    31 Jul 2014 | 7:47 am
    Day after day more and more online casinos enter the gambling battlefield, boasting more neoteric graphics and miraculous winnings, promising an unforgettable adventure. But what stands behind the success of online gambling hubs? Availability & wide selection Thanks to the rapid development of web technologies, most of our compatriots can access virtually any casino in the world in a single click. In order to play slot machines, many had to travel long distances; moreover, not every house it is will necessarily offer a large selection of slot machines. Fortunately for many, a decent…
  • Glass Reinforced Concrete: Guiding The Modern Architecture

    26 Jun 2014 | 1:59 pm
    Glass reinforced concrete represents a composite material consisting of fine-grained concrete (matrix) and dispersion reinforced with short glass fibers. Thus, glass reinforced concrete (or GRC) combines the typical of the conventional concrete high compressive strength with extreme flexibility and tensility (4-5 times higher than in concrete), strength (10-15 times higher) and frost resistance (more than 300 cycles). This is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain harmful ingredients and belongs to the category of non-combustible materials. Glass reinforced concrete offers…
  • Parking Ventilation: The Basics Of Design Explained

    2 Jun 2014 | 12:53 pm
    The growing demand of both industrial towns and large cities in carports, caused by the high population density in the urban areas, throw designers together with a good number of challenges. The main objectives set to car park ventilation professionals are typically the following: Maintain the acceptable indoor air parameters Ensure decent fire resistance Implement an environment-friendly system Covered parking facilities are usually located below the ground level and require the installation of mechanical ventilation in nine cases out of ten. Semi-covered parking constructions, as a rule,…
  • Next Gen Roof Coating In Action, Polyshield

    22 May 2014 | 7:57 am
    Polyshield is a modern, high-performance, sprayed, two component pure polyurea elastomer. The material is based on various amino-polyester resins, amino-resin and MDI prepolymers, providing a flexible, durable and monolithic waterproofing membrane boasting truly efficient resistance to water and chemical activity. Polyshield is characterised by high abrasion resistance, that’s why it is added into the armory of protective materials as waterproofing and corrosion-resistant coating in heavy and mining industries to prevent abrasive wear. Polyurea-based Polyshield features 100% solvent-free…
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    The Happiness Project

  • New! You Can Get All Five 21 Day Projects in One Bargain PDF. (Gretchen Rubin)
    29 Sep 2014 | 1:39 pm
    I’ve been thrilled — and I must admit, astonished — by the popularity of my 21 Day Projects. I created these because, over the years, I kept hearing the same issues coming up again and again, as people talked about their happiness challenges. Fighting a never-ending battle with clutter.  Feeling drained by someone else’s difficult nature. Feeling bad about yelling at your kids too much. Being out of touch with yourself. In response, I created four “21 Day Projects” for you to follow, if you want to tackle one of these challenges. I collected ideas in a…
  • “It Is Easy To Be Heavy: Hard To Be Light.” (Gretchen Rubin)
    28 Sep 2014 | 4:25 am
    “It is easy to be heavy: hard to be light.” –G. K. Chesterton, “The Eternal Revolution,” in The Everyman Chesterton Agree, disagree? This idea haunted me as I was writing The Happiness Project. It seemed relevant to everything.
  • Video: For Habits, the Strategy of Convenience. (Gretchen Rubin)
    26 Sep 2014 | 1:27 pm
    I’m doing a video series in which I discuss the various strategies that we can use for habit-formation. Habits are the invisible architecture of everyday life, and a significant element of happiness. If we have habits that work for us, we’re much more likely to be happy, healthy, productive, and creative. My forthcoming book, Better Than Before, describes the multiple strategies we can exploit to change our habits. To hear when it goes on sale, sign up here. Today, I’m talking about the Strategy of Convenience. This is one of the most powerful, straightforward, and popular strategies of…
  • Questioners, What Questions Do You Ask About Your Habits? (Gretchen Rubin)
    24 Sep 2014 | 2:32 pm
    Every Wednesday is List Day, or Quiz Day, or Tip Day. I posted the other day about “Are you a people-pleaser?” This question is related to the  Four Tendencies framework, which I develop in Better Than Before, my book on habit change. (To hear when it goes on sale, sign up here.) A key piece of self-knowledge — which is crucial to habit change — is “What is your ‘Tendency?”  That is: How do you respond to expectations? -outer expectations (meet a deadline, perform a “request” from a sweetheart, follow traffic regulations) -inner expectations (write a novel in…
  • “No One Wants to Admit They Were Tricked by the Size of a Scoop or the Shape of a Glass.” (Gretchen Rubin)
    23 Sep 2014 | 12:41 pm
    Habits interview: Brian Wansink. I’ve been a big fan of behavioral scientist Brian Wansink for years. He does intensely interesting research on eating behavior and consumer habits, and his book Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think was a resource for me as I was writing Better Than Before. For instance, he’s done a lot of research to show how much convenience influences whether and how much we eat. It’s astonishing how much convenience matters. The lesson for habits? Make it easy to do things right, and hard to do things wrong. Brian Wansink has a new book, Slim By…
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    Mind Hacks

  • Buggin’ Out

    27 Sep 2014 | 9:06 am
    Sociology journal Transition has a fascinating article giving a history of the surprisingly frequent appearance of schizophrenia in rap music. In psychiatric circles, schizophrenia is considered a serious mental illness that causes delusions, hallucinations, and social withdrawal. But in rap, schizophrenia means something else: a mode of defiance, a boast, or a threat. The term appears frequently when describing competition between rappers. In “Speak Ya Clout,” the duo Gang Starr rhymes that they are “schizophrenic with rhyme plus we’re well organized” as a way of warning that they…
  • Spike activity 26-09-2014

    27 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news: Why most scientists don’t take Susan Greenfield seriously. A serious rebuttal for some poor scientific claims over at BishopBlog. The Guardian has a good profile of food and flavour scientist Charles Spence who specialises in sensory integration. Couvade syndrome: some men develop signs of pregnancy when their partners are pregnant. The Conversation has a piece on a genuinely intriguing condition. The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting piece on Why Freud Still Haunts Us. ‘GCHQ employs more than 100 dyslexic and…
  • Why our faith in cramming is mistaken

    24 Sep 2014 | 1:47 am
    You may think you know your own mind, but when it comes to memory, research suggests that you don’t. If we’re trying to learn something, many of us study in ways that prevent the memories sticking. Fortunately, the same research also reveals how we can supercharge our learning. We’ve all had to face a tough exam at least once in our lives. Whether it’s a school paper, university final or even a test at work, there’s one piece of advice we’re almost always given: make a study plan. With a plan, we can space out our preparation for the test rather than relying on one or two…
  • Problems with Bargh’s definition of unconscious

    19 Sep 2014 | 6:48 am
    I have a new paper out in Frontiers in Psychology: The perspectival shift: how experiments on unconscious processing don’t justify the claims made for them. There has been ongoing consternation about the reliability of some psychology research, particularly studies which make claims about unconscious (social) priming. However, even if we assume that the empirical results are reliable, the question remains whether the claims made for the power of the unconscious make any sense. I argue that they often don’t. Here’s something from the intro: In this commentary I draw attention to…
  • An earlier death

    14 Sep 2014 | 2:05 pm
    Journalism site The Toast has what I believe is the only first-person account of Cotard’s delusion – the belief that you’re dead – which can occur in psychosis. The article is by writer Esmé Weijun Wang who describes her own episode of psychosis and how she came to believe, and later unbelieve, that she was dead. It’s an incredibly evocative piece and historically, worth remembering. Somatic details figure heavily in these recollections: what I wore, what I looked like. I told myself, through mirrors and dressing-up and Polaroids and weighing myself, You have a…
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    Scott H Young

  • Learning on Steroids is now open

    Scott Young
    22 Sep 2014 | 10:00 am
    Learning on Steroids is a program I’ve been building over the last five years to help students, professionals and self-educators learn better. I only offer it once a year, after which I close registration. If you’ve been following anything I’ve been writing about the MIT Challenge, the year without English or my other learning advice, and you’re interested in seeing how you could do it yourself, this program shows you how. Click here to learn more about the program. After September 29th, the program will be closed again, so make sure you check it out before then. Learn…
  • How to Increase Your Ability to Focus

    Scott Young
    15 Sep 2014 | 12:06 pm
    This is the first day in a one-week, free, rapid-learning bootcamp. Every day, for the next seven days, I’m going to be sending a new email with a strategy you can use to learn more effectively. However, this first email is the only one I’m making publicly available on the blog. What’s more, once the bootcamp is over, there will be no archive of the content, and you have to wait until next year, when I do a new one. If you’re interested in getting the free bootcamp emails, sign up for the newsletter. If you’re already on my newsletter, you don’t have to do…
  • Korean Final Update

    Scott Young
    10 Sep 2014 | 12:05 pm
    Last week, Vat and I left Korea and ended this year without English. I’ve already written an article summarizing the entire trip. I had hoped to put up the Korean final update first, but we had some delays processing the interviews (unfortunately only one is ready now, so the other will have to wait until Vat finishes the final video as well). In this article, I’ll talk about defining the level Vat and I reached in Korean as well as the experience of the last country on our trip. How Good is Our Korean? Korea was definitely the hardest country for me of the four. I pushed myself hard on…
  • Looking Back at a Year (Almost) Without English

    Scott Young
    1 Sep 2014 | 8:18 pm
    A few days ago I came back to Vancouver, marking the end of this project Vat and I started over a year ago. Together we lived in Spain, Brazil, China and Korea, all while trying to speak as little English as possible. In this post, I’m going to recap the successes and stumbles of the project, along with what I think it means for travel and language learning. Side note: I haven’t forgotten about the final update for Korea. I was hoping on releasing that article first, but we hit some delays editing the interviews, so I’m switching the order and putting this one first. Was the Project a…
  • I’m 26

    Scott Young
    19 Aug 2014 | 12:40 pm
    Today is my twenty-sixth birthday. Continuing tradition, I’m going to write an article reviewing what I’ve done in the past year, and share my thoughts and plans for the year ahead. If you’re new here, or simply don’t care for this self-indulgence, feel free to skip this post. I promise I’ll be back to writing about learning and getting more from life next week. My Year (Almost) Without English Obviously the most important feature of my twenty-fifth trip around the sun was that I spoke very little English during that time. I had hoped I could look back and say it was truly a year…
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    A Daring Adventure

  • Time Management for Right-Brained People

    Tim Brownson
    22 Sep 2014 | 3:44 pm
    I once had a prospective client call me with her opening line being, “I’m looking for help with time management.” I responded by saying, “Yeh me too, do you know anybody who is any good at it?” Needless to say we didn’t work together. The fact is, I hate working on productivity and time management issues with clients and I even say so on my ‘Are we a good fit‘ page. It doesn’t inspire me, I’m not very good at it and there are people far more qualified to help than I. I’ve always presumed that time management is just something…
  • A Pointless Letter To My 10 Year-Old Self

    Tim Brownson
    16 Sep 2014 | 9:54 am
    Over the years there has been a trend of self development bloggers and Life Coaches writing letters of advice and encouragement to younger versions of  themselves. As I talked about in this post on ‘awesome blessings’, we often don’t know at the time what is best for us. Therefore, knowing that things aren’t as bad at we at first think, could be really useful, right? Losing the job you had set your heart on (as I did in the post I just mentioned) may turn out to be a lucky break with you ending up in a career you love, or job you prefer. Getting dumped by the partner you think a…
  • The New Rules Of Goal Setting

    Tim Brownson
    7 Sep 2014 | 4:33 pm
    Most people in the self development industry believe that not only should you have personal and work life goals, but that they should also be written down. That if they are not written down, then they are merely dreams with your mind ascribing them no more importance than what’s for dinner. I have seen plenty of quotes and articles that suggest written goal setting can not just make the goal coming to fruition more likely, but can also help increase happiness levels as it adds meaning to a persons life. And I’m sure all of the above it true….up to a point. The Generic Approach To…
  • Is It Time To Quit On Your Dreams?

    Tim Brownson
    2 Sep 2014 | 10:27 am
    One of the requests I get a lot from Life Coaching clients is to help them rekindle their enthusiasm and motivation for something that was at some point in their lives important to them. Sometimes it will be a job that maybe they once loved and now they, if not loathe it, then they are certainly way passed the kissing and cuddling phase. But it’s by no means always related to work. Sometimes it can be a hobby that at one time had them fired up and now seems like a chore. And often it will be a huge big dream that used to have them bouncing out of bed every morning like their ass was…
  • Can Meditation Help You Become Wolverine?

    Tim Brownson
    27 Aug 2014 | 11:41 am
    When I started meditating 7 years or so ago I was reluctant to tell anybody about my guilty little secret, including my family. After all, meditation was weird because how on earth could just sitting quietly achieve anything other than giving you a sore arse and maybe piles? Only strange people meditated. People who wore sandals a lot, stroked whales, raved over recipes using tofu and burned a lot of incense and other assorted legal and not-quite-so-legal herbs. Normal people didn’t meditate. I mean, why on earth would they? Where was the payoff?  Then the research started to trickle in.
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    Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement

  • 4 Ways Passion Breeds Happiness

    Alden Tan
    29 Sep 2014 | 8:40 pm
    I've been a Bboy (breakdancer for the uninitiated) for over ten years now. And you know something? I'm not the best. Among my friends I'm one of the only few who have yet to win a competition on my own. I don't have trophies or medals to show off. You also can't find many YouTube videos of me. And admittedly, I'm not as good as I want to be. In the past decade I've made a ton of excuses which held me back from my full potential as a Bboy. But that's okay. I'm perfectly fine with not being the best. It took me a while, but I actually had to do a little soul-searching to be at peace with my…
  • The Happiness of Pursuit: 7 Steps To Accomplish Anything & Enjoy It Along The Way

    Erin Falconer
    28 Sep 2014 | 7:28 pm
    ‘A body in motion stays in motion’ - Newton’s law If anyone has ever read a post written by me before, listened to an interview or simply had a chat about self improvement, they will know I am frequently asked (and address) the common question - ‘what is the most important aspect to self improvement’ - my answer, without hesitation, is always the same: take action. I have always firmly believed that all of the best intentions in the world are nothing with out being taken from the theoretical to the actual and it never ceases to amaze me the instant, kinetic almost chain-like…
  • What To Do When You Have No Idea What To Do With Your Life (9 action steps to start)

    Vishnu Virtues
    25 Sep 2014 | 9:52 pm
    Once upon a time, I had no idea what to do with my life. Actually, there were many times while I was in college and after when I was lost. Even when I had jobs, good jobs, I wasn’t so sure that’s what I wanted to do with my life. If you just graduated college, and find yourself stuck in a job you can’t stand or in a temporary job, this post is for you. You don’t have to go out there and save the world. Or start the next Or figure out how to get your own TV cooking show. Or become Oprah tomorrow. No. All you have to do is start. I wrote this post for people who just…
  • 8 Things More Important Than Your Job

    Steve Roy
    24 Sep 2014 | 8:59 pm
    So there you are. You’re probably sitting at your desk right now reading this, waiting for the clock to reach 5pm. You can’t wait to get into your car, head home, and start the best part of your day. Unfortunately, this is usually a few short hours before you need to go to bed in order to get up and do it all over again. But for what? I understand we all need to work. I’m an advocate for hard work even. But what I don’t like is the notion that we need to work merely to pay our bills. To me this is insanity. To spend upwards of 90,000 hours of our short lives working in a job that we…
  • The 13 Best Things You Can Do to Prevent Cancer in Your Future

    Kayla Matthews
    23 Sep 2014 | 9:14 pm
    Cancer: it affects millions of people each year in a variety of ways. It’s also one of the most dreaded diagnoses someone can ever hear. The good news is that there are some proven steps you can take to reduce your risk of getting cancer. Try them all for maximum prevention. #1: Stop Smoking Almost one quarter of a million people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year in the United States. While there are other ways for this type of cancer to develop, it is most prevalent among smokers. The faster you stop your addiction to nicotine, the less your cancer risk will be. #2: Lose Weight If…
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    Life Optimizer

  • The Power of Knowledge (and What You Need to Harness It)

    Donald Latumahina
    30 Sep 2014 | 2:00 am
    What do you think is the key to getting ahead? While it’s not the only one, I believe that an important factor is knowledge. Knowledge is power; the more of it you have, the more power you have. The good news is that there is a virtually unlimited amount of knowledge available to you through the Internet and other sources. The bad news is that the limiting factor in acquiring it is you. The problem is not the availability of knowledge; it’s how hungry your mind is. Thomas Friedman called it Curiosity Quotient (CQ). I recently read a good paper on this topic. It contains a quote from…
  • A Cheap and Easy Way to Enrich Your Life

    Donald Latumahina
    23 Sep 2014 | 4:00 am
    Do you want to live your life to the fullest? To do so, the one thing you need to do is to enrich your life. You need to broaden your life experiences and taste more of the richness life has to offer. You might think that you need to spend a lot of money and go overseas for that, but there is actually a cheap and easy alternative. Here it is: Explore your city. Yes, explore your city. You don’t need to go overseas. You don’t even need to go out of town. A while back, there was a Dutch girl who faked a trip to Southeast Asia. She posted pictures on Facebook showing the exciting…
  • The Three Essential Keys to Work Motivation

    Donald Latumahina
    16 Sep 2014 | 6:44 am
    Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up in the morning wanting to work? In this scenario, you wouldn’t consider work a burden. Instead, you would consider it a source of happiness and fulfillment. Wouldn’t that be a great way to live? The problem, of course, is making that a reality. Doing so requires you to understand the factors behind work motivation. In his book Drive, Daniel Pink wrote that – based on studies – there are three factors for work motivation: Autonomy: the control you have over your work. The more you can control what to do and when to do it, the more…
  • Email Mastery: 5 Practical Email Management Tips

    Donald Latumahina
    9 Sep 2014 | 4:52 am
    Email is essential for most of us. While there are other means of communication (such as instant messaging), email still plays an important role. That’s why you should learn to manage your emails well if you want to be effective. Here I’d like to share with you how I manage my emails. I don’t claim it to be the best way, but I hope it can give you some ideas to improve yours. I will use Gmail as the example (since that’s what I use), but the principles apply to other email services as well. Without further ado, here are my five email management tips: 1. Process your emails only during…
  • A Simple Way to Learn More in Less Time

    Donald Latumahina
    2 Sep 2014 | 5:06 am
    There is no doubt that knowledge is power. Knowledge can help you make good decisions. It can also enrich your life. That’s why it’s important that you make learning a habit. One of the best ways to learn is to read books. That’s what many wise people do throughout history. But there is a problem: there are so many good books to read but so little time to read them. So how can we keep up? I found a solution when I found Blinkist. Blinkist is a service that gives you key insights from nonfiction books so that you don’t need to read entire books. Instead of spending days on a book, you…
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    Practical Happiness & Awesomeness Advice That Works | The Positivity Blog

  • 5 Things You Need to Stop Doing to Simplify Your Thinking and to Start Taking Action Today

    Henrik Edberg
    25 Sep 2014 | 6:40 am
    ”Chi Wen Tzu always thought three times before taking action. Twice would have been quite enough.” Confucius One of my biggest problems used to be that I thought too much. I overthought any little problem until it became a bigger and scarier thing in my mind. I overthought positive things until they didn’t seem to be that positive anymore. I overanalyzed and deconstructed things until the happiness that comes from just being in a moment and enjoying it fell apart. This locked me into analysis paralysis. Little action was taken. Opportunities were rarely used. Life stood still and felt…
  • Winnie the Pooh’s Top 5 Tips for a Happy Life

    Henrik Edberg
    17 Sep 2014 | 6:31 am
    ”Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?” “Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best — ” and then he had to stop and think. Because although eating honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was called.” Winnie the Pooh is a kind bear. He cares greatly about his friends. And he has always seemed like a pretty happy bear to me. He’s also a favorite of mine so today I’d like to simply share 5 of my favorite happiness tips from…
  • How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (and Start Empowering Yourself)

    Henrik Edberg
    3 Sep 2014 | 7:14 am
    “Comparison is the death of joy.” Mark Twain “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.” Lao Tzu One of the most common and destructive daily habit is to constantly compare your life and yourself to other people and their lives. You compare cars, houses, jobs, shoes, money, relationships, social popularity and so on. And at the end of the day you pummel your self-esteem to the ground and you create a lot of negative feelings within. And perhaps also outside of yourself. So what can you do? How can you get a handle on…
  • 68 Inspiring Relationship Quotes

    Henrik Edberg
    28 Aug 2014 | 7:00 am
    At the heart of life lie the relationships we have with other people. With family, co-workers and friends close by and far away at the other side of the world. And how you let these relationships flow and grow has huge impact on the happiness both in your life and in the lives of the people you care about. So this week I’d like to look back into the past and share some of the best advice from the wise people who have walked this earth. This is 68 of the most thought-provoking, touching, inspiring and helpful quotes on relationships. “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly…
  • How to Overcome Maybe the Most Common Problem People Have with Making a Positive Change

    Henrik Edberg
    20 Aug 2014 | 6:46 am
    “The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult.” Madame Marie du Deffand Maybe the most common issue people have with personal development and making a positive change is that it stays a daydream. That they get excited and inspired. But then as those positive emotions fade nothing really happens. Life continues as usual. It’s very frustrating. I know. I used to read about personal development in pretty much all important areas of life. But it probably took me months or years to get going with making any of those positive changes. Why? It was uncomfortable.
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    Getting Things Done®

  • Task Management Tech and Methods

    Stephen Lease
    16 Sep 2014 | 2:17 pm
    The Mac Power Users run down a very thorough list of task management systems in this podcast, and mention some of their tips and tricks for checking off those tasks.  This is lengthy, an hour and forty minutes, but if you’re looking for a system that will work for you and support your GTD practice, this is a great overview of many different task apps. Click to listen to the full Task Management episode!  
  • Part 3: Psychology of GTD

    Stephen Lease
    10 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    This series from the Workologist explains various connections between GTD and psychology.  Click here to read Part 3, which details the concept of flow. Missed Parts 1 and 2? Read Part 2 now! Read Part 1 now!
  • Part 2: Psychology of GTD

    Stephen Lease
    9 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    The second part of this series from the Workologist delving into why GTD works from a psychological perspective goes into the goal setting side of the GTD practice.  Read Part 2 now! Missed Part 1?  Read it here!
  • Part 1: Psychology of GTD

    Stephen Lease
    5 Sep 2014 | 11:36 am
    The Workologist blog focuses on various topics surrounding the study of work and improving the “how and why” of work. In a multi-part study, the workologist goes into aspects of psychology and its connection with GTD and why this practice works from the scientific perspective. Click here to read Part 1 of the series.       
  • New OmniFocus 2 Setup Guide

    Stephen Lease
    3 Sep 2014 | 4:03 pm
    We have just released a new best-practices guide for implementing GTD with OmniFocus 2.  Updated for the version 2 release of OmniFocus, this guide will show you how to: • Understand the fundamental GTD best practices  • Optimally configure OmniFocus in the way we have found works best for GTD  • Configure and populate your projects and link them to the related Next Actions  • Configure and populate your Next Actions  • Use the Inbox to capture your Mind Sweep items  • Integrate email into your OmniFocus workflow  • Create useful reference lists  … and much more! …
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    Productive Flourishing

  • The Free Planners for October 2014 Are Available

    Charlie Gilkey
    29 Sep 2014 | 11:57 am
    The Free Planners for October 2014 are available. These planners are especially designed for proactive creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Read more The post The Free Planners for October 2014 Are Available appeared first on Productive Flourishing.
  • A Punch in the Face to Fear

    Cory Huff
    17 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    In today's guest post by Cory Huff, he ruminates on what it takes to flourish as a creative person in business. A self-proclaimed expert at distracting himself in the face of fear, Huff explains how he's leaned on his own creative strengths and rejected the stuffy business systems thinking that doesn't work for him in order to succeed in his own business endeavors. Huff shares the "weird rules" that work for him to punch fear in the face for good. Read more. The post A Punch in the Face to Fear appeared first on Productive Flourishing.
  • Four Important Tips for Gaining Traction on the Things that Matter Most

    Molly Gordon
    10 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    What keeps people from getting traction on the things that really matter? Today's guest contributor Molly Gordon thinks it has to do with finding the shortest or most direct path to where you want to go. According to Gordon, the chief problem with trying to find an optimal path is simply that you can't know what you don’t know. Whenever you set out to create or accomplish something, you project yourself and your desires into an unknowable future. There’s no end to the possible permutations to be considered at every step. Beyond a certain point, the effort you invest in optimizing the path…
  • What Is Your End Game? Part 2

    Chris O'Byrne
    5 Sep 2014 | 8:00 am
    Guest Contributor Chris O'Byrne talks about his experience so far as a car salesman as a follow-up to his first guest post a couple months back. He found that he's learned more about alignment then he has about sales in his latest venture. Read more The post What Is Your End Game? Part 2 appeared first on Productive Flourishing.
  • Use Batch Actions to Get Through Your Email Faster

    Charlie Gilkey
    2 Sep 2014 | 8:58 am
    Does the sheer number of emails you have in your Inbox intimidate you? If so, you probably have a negative spiral going on - the more you hide from your email, the bigger that pile of emails get, and the bigger it gets, the more you hide from it. Batch actions will help get you out of that trap because 80% of that email pile can be eliminated very quickly. The post Use Batch Actions to Get Through Your Email Faster appeared first on Productive Flourishing.
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    Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Blog

  • Can You Act Independently of Social Pressure?

    Steve Pavlina
    25 Sep 2014 | 2:54 pm
    One thing I really like about open relationships is the ability to learn through experience more quickly. There are valuable lessons to be learned from a long-term monogamous relationship, but I found that my understanding of relationships quickly accelerated with a more open attitude towards connections. This is a predictable consequence of being able to learn from a greater variety of partners/teachers. As I see it, this is the same learning dynamic that you can gain by working for different companies, with different teams, and in different industries. You’ll surely learn some…
  • Do You Owe The World Anything?

    Steve Pavlina
    24 Sep 2014 | 8:40 am
    The standard economic narrative as applied to human history tells us that barter came first, then money, and then credit and debt. In actuality we know that these concepts developed in the opposite order. Debt and credit pre-date the use of money by thousands of years. Money, in the form of early coins, came into usage largely as a way of keeping track of debts. And finally, the human use of barter systems actually arose after money, not before. Barter is employed by people who’ve already learned about money, and barter systems often use an equivalent of money to manage trades, such…
  • Ones and Tens

    Steve Pavlina
    22 Sep 2014 | 3:45 pm
    When you present yourself to the world, do you have a tendency to sanitize your public image? Do you show other people, especially strangers, your safest and most socially acceptable aspects first? Do you find it sensible to avoid the risk of judgment so as to make socialization easier? When you get to know other people, do you engage with their sanitized public selves first as well? Do you stick with the most socially acceptable topics for discussion, so as to avoid any significant risk of causing offense? When you explore a potential romantic connection for the first time, do you play it…
  • Changing Your Culture

    Steve Pavlina
    21 Sep 2014 | 12:15 pm
    If you were to design your own human culture, what would you include? What would you leave out? Here are some basic design questions to consider, based on the three core principles of personal growth. Truth How would your culture relate to truth? Would you create a very honest, truth-based culture? Would your culture encourage the discovery and sharing of new truths? To what extent would people own, hide, or manipulate the truth? Would you create a culture based on shared stories and/or mythology, even if the stories are made up? Would you favor politeness over honesty in communication? Note…
  • Dominated by Jesus

    Steve Pavlina
    19 Sep 2014 | 5:43 pm
    Rachelle and I watched an interesting documentary this week called Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus. I also met the makers of this documentary when they were in Vegas a couple weeks ago, and we had a delightful conversation about a variety of subjects, including the film. Caesar’s Messiah explores the character of Jesus and whether he actually existed as a real person or if he was an invented literary figure. Instead of drowning in Church dogma, the goal of this documentary was to search for facts and genuine historical evidence of who Jesus really was. I…
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    Leading Hands Through Technology

  • Fun Worksheets for Home Learning

    Marc Majers
    28 Sep 2014 | 12:31 pm
    Great Schools offers a series of fun worksheets for grades preschool through 5th grade. Discover worksheets on the subjects of math, reading, writing, science and word lists. Support learning at home with these helpful printable worksheets and find the perfect worksheet challenge for your child.
  • Create Great Cards

    Marc Majers
    22 Sep 2014 | 3:39 am
    Would you like to send an electronic card online for free? I stumbled upon Paperless Post a website that offers a selection of free ecards for birthdays and special occasions. The recipient will receive a personalized ecard featuring a nifty animation of the envelope opening up and the card sliding out. If interested, you can also pay to access a larger selection. However, I would suggest giving the site a try before you pay. Paperless Post also offers cards that you can have printed and delivered the old fashioned way through the mail.
  • Like Being A Dad

    Marc Majers
    21 Sep 2014 | 5:36 am
    Do you like being a dad? I recently saw a public service announcement while walking through the mall emphasizing a shortage of fathers. The site says, “Today, over 24 million American children live in homes in which their biological fathers do not live.” is all about helping dads understand how to be good parent by giving them the support for their growing children. The website offers blogs, guides, radio programs and community events to equip fathers with resources, training, and technical assistance. Check out a link to their free resources…
  • Try New Products With Chatterbox

    Marc Majers
    7 Sep 2014 | 3:47 am
    Are you interested in testing new products and then sharing your experience?Chatterbox gives you the opportunity to test new products, share offers and samples with friends. You simply sign up on their website, join the conversations, participate in fun activities and share your experience with others. The cost is free. If selected, you will get your samples delivered to you, then you are responsible for doing a review and getting the word out. Here are the Chaterbox FAQs. Discover new products and tell your friends Try great products at home Share samples and special offers with friends Chat…
  • Sell Products To Your Customers

    Marc Majers
    5 Sep 2014 | 3:45 am
    Are you looking for a quick way to sell products to your customers? If you have a whitepaper, song, ebook or unique product you’ve created Gumroad is your avenue to sell it. You can set a price and go from there. The website says, “Sit back and let us take care of everything from the secure payment all the way to the download.” Gumroad obviously will take a percentage of your profits but the service they provide is simple, powerful and worth the investment.
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    Root Simple

  • Who’s Visiting Your Garden While You’re Not Watching?

    Mr. Homegrown
    30 Sep 2014 | 7:00 am
    I did a little experiment earlier this month and left our new CritterCam on for a period of five days, pointed at our backyard shed, to see what animals are visiting. The motion sensitive camera picked up seven visits from a possum, six birds, four skunk visitations, two rats, one raccoon and two house cats. I need to let the camera run for a longer period to get a better sense of what times of the day or night are the most active, but so far the hour of 2 am picked up the most activity (after the bars have closed on Sunset Blvd. perhaps?). The pictures are showing what I think are mini…
  • Stoicism Today

    Mr. Homegrown
    29 Sep 2014 | 8:02 am
    We’re honored to have an essay in a new book, Stoicism Today: Selected Writings. From Stoic ethics to emotions, from Stoic mayors and mindfulness to practical philosophy, parenting, psychotherapy and prisons, from Star Trek and Socrates to Stoic lawyers, literature and living in general, this book brings together a wide-ranging collection of reflections on living the Stoic life today. You’ll read advice on coping with adversity, reflections on happiness and the good life and powerful personal testimonies of putting Stoicism into practise. But you’ll also read about the links…
  • Yard Panther

    Mrs. Homegrown
    28 Sep 2014 | 8:14 am
    Phoebe, our heart-challenged kitty, is still doing really well, against all odds. I almost don’t want to say anything to jinx it. She’s glossy and sturdy and full of beans. Today we celebrate with a picture of her.
  • Saturday Linkages: Wind Maps, Wildlife Gardens and Other Obsessions

    Mr. Homegrown
    27 Sep 2014 | 7:00 am
    The Mysterious Geometry of Swordsmanship, Gorgeously Illustrated: Live wind map: Clam Aspic Salad – A Vintage Recipe Re-Run… When Wildlife Gardens Look Like Gardens | Garden Rant… Middle Eastern Roots of Spice Trade: The Origins of Culinary Imperialism and Globalization The fear of bees… Is fall…
  • An Ancient Quince Recipe

    Mr. Homegrown
    26 Sep 2014 | 7:48 am
    The Karp’s Sweet quince in our front yard, despite struggling in terrible soil, has finally started producing. This year we got about three pounds. Some of the fruit gets sunburned (note to self–put up some shade cloth next year!). But I’ve been able to cut out the browned part. Each year the question comes up as to what to do with the fruit. You can eat Karp’s Sweet quince raw, but the texture is still quince-like, which is to say somewhat gritty and course. And each year I promise I’ll pick up a copy of Barbara Ghazarian’s comprehensive book Simply…
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    Shoplet Blog

  • WIN A Balt Office Chair of your Choice!

    Jaime Zozobrado
    29 Sep 2014 | 8:18 am
    Comfortable and functional chairs make working at the office 100% better. This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Balt and one lucky winner can choose one of the modern and elegant chairs listed below: Spine Align Chair Posture Perfect Chair Ergo Ex Chair Mid-Back Fly Chair   Want to enter? Leave us a comment below: Tell us how these Balt chairs would make working at the office so much better. We’d love to hear your stories. Get extra entries: 1. Subscribe to the Shoplet Blog via RSS or Email 2. Like Shoplet on Facebook and Kimberly-Clark on Facebook 3. Follow Shoplet on…
  • Announcing the Winner of our C-Line Write-On Expanding Poly Folders Giveaway!

    Jaime Zozobrado
    29 Sep 2014 | 6:41 am
    Congratulations to Alicia winner of the C-Line Write-On Expanding Poly Folders Giveaway! Thanks to everyone for participating in this amazing giveaway. If you are still interested in getting your hands on some C-Line Write-On Expanding Poly Folders you can do so at As always, make sure to look out for some more cool and useful prizes right here at Shoplet. This week, we are giving away a a Balt Office Chair of your Choice!
  • Winner of the Shoplet promos NFL Party Bundle

    Jessica Hodges
    25 Sep 2014 | 6:59 am
    Congratulations to Nicole Shaffer winner of the Shoplet Promos NFL Party Bundle. With an awesome prize like this we can rest assured that you are ready to go for the upcoming football season! Thanks to everyone for participating in this amazing giveaway. If you are still interested in getting your hands on these Football party essentials, you can do so at Shoplet promos. As always, make sure to look out for some more cool and useful prizes right here at Shoplet. Happy Football season!
  • Sticky Notes: A Fading Memory or Timeless Masterpiece?

    Jaime Zozobrado
    24 Sep 2014 | 8:20 am
    With the advent of smart phones and tablets, sticky notes appear to be losing its utility. Compared to writing several mini notes, downloading a basic app or program is quick, efficient and easy. Additionally, smart phones and tablets are inherently mobile, allowing your reminders to be with you at all times. All these advantages provide a significant edge against sticky notes. Consequently, you might ask, “Are sticky notes a fading memory, destined to a state of obscurity?” We don’t believe so. Sticky notes provide many visual stimuli that allow you to remember important notices…
  • Tweet Your Heart Out + Join Our Twitter Chats!

    Jessica Hodges
    23 Sep 2014 | 6:40 am
    Our careSHAREgrow Twitter party is back and on a mission to move closer to planting 1 million trees! Join us on Thursday October 2nd from 3-4pm EDT. Lets plant some trees and score some awesome giveaways too!   To join in on our chat, just tweet using the hashtag #careSHAREgrow. You can follow the chat with Twubs (, or whichever social monitoring platform you prefer! Even cooler? Each time you use the hashtag #careSHAREgrow, we’ll plant a tree with our trusted tree-hugging partner, Trees for the Future. We will announce what awesome prizes we will be…
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    Think Simple Now

  • 6 Lessons On Letting Go

    Guest of TSN
    29 Sep 2014 | 12:00 am
    All my life, I have relied on goal-setting to achieve results. Whether it came to school work, or even just taking time to hang out with my friends, I would plan the entire day out on outlook or use one of many goal setting techniques that I had learned. For example, I would stick a piece of paper on the ceiling of my bedroom with my goals written on it so it would be the first thing I saw when I woke up. And while all this helped me achieve great results, I noticed that I was always chasing the next big thing or the next goal I set for myself. I noticed that I never felt genuine contentment…
  • How to Make Your Dream a Reality

    Carin Kiphart
    22 Sep 2014 | 12:00 am
    To me, these two seemingly innocuous words, “some” and “day,” when put together are the most empty and depressing seven letters in our language. They are a synonym for “never” and “ain’t going to happen.” They are the lie we tell ourselves for a dream that we will never ever, in our lifetime, accomplish. It is belied in the tone of voice — faithless and empty — this combo of words usually parenthesized by a pair of audible sighs. Sigh, “Someday I’m going to …” Sigh. Once again we have deceived and cheated ourselves. Whatever happened to carpe diem? Seize the…
  • 5 Life Lessons from World Travel

    Guest of TSN
    15 Sep 2014 | 12:00 am
    I’ve spent the last year wandering around the globe and exploring this wondrous thing called life. Through 26 flights, I’ve managed to circle the globe twice and touch five of the seven continents. The journey led me to scuba diving for a month straight with whale sharks on islands in Thailand to hitchhiking my way through an African country to being paid to make sand castles on the beautiful Australian beaches to almost having a foot amputated in Asia. It’s been a hell of an experience. I’ve learned more about the world and myself than any book, teacher or person could tell me. I’m…
  • 5 Tips for Having Hard Conversations

    Kate Swoboda
    8 Sep 2014 | 12:00 am
    My friend, author and artist Christine Mason Miller, once wrote in her book Ordinary Sparkling Moments that communication between people is like a ball — you have to throw it so that the other person can catch it. If you don’t? Someone’s going to get whacked in the face, really hard. That’s not going to promote communication. Most people spend a lot of time just trying to work up the courage to have a difficult conversation with someone. This is a tough space, isn’t it? No one likes to initiate a conversation in which they know that they need to communicate that there’s a conflict…
  • 13 Ways to Get Unstuck Now

    Guest of TSN
    4 Sep 2014 | 12:00 am
    Ready to get unstuck? It’s never too late to try something new and radical in order to make real change. Some contradict. That’s on purpose.  1. Decide It Will Never Change. It is not going anywhere. Surrender to it. Accept it. See it. Next, court it – how can you fall in love with this aspect of stuck? How can you open to it as your guide? This will not work if part of you is still hoping the stuck goes away. Be all in. Believe it is permanent with your whole body and that it’s your job to fall in love with it. 2. Take Responsibility. Accept 100 percent full responsibility for…
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    Sources of Insight

  • The Future of Jobs

    29 Sep 2014 | 8:08 am
    “Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson Work as we know it, and the nature of jobs are rapidly changing. What is the future of work and will you be able to get a job in the future? Will automation take over the world? Will you, your parents, your kids, your friends, etc. be able to find a job and make a living? If you want to get a job, keep a job, or create a job, you need to know the trends and insights shaping the future of work. What you don’t know, can hurt you, and what you do know can help you better prepare for…
  • Deliberate Practice

    22 Sep 2014 | 6:25 am
    “Great performers isolate remarkably specific aspects of what they do and focus on just those things until they are improved; then it’s on to the next aspect.” — Geoff Colvin Deliberate Practice is a technique you can use to achieve expert performance. You may have heard of Deliberate Practice from Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers or Geoff Colvin’s book, Talent Is Overrated. Aside from raw talent, Deliberate Practice helps explain how world-class experts achieve their excellence According to Anders Ericsson, the early pioneer of Deliberate Practice, it it takes…
  • How To Launch Start-Ups Within a Big Company

    20 Sep 2014 | 2:07 pm
    “The best startups generally come from somebody needing to scratch an itch.” — Michael Arrington, TechCrunch founder and co-editor If you’re an innovator or Entrepreneur, you don’t have to quite your day job. You can innovate inside of a big corporation, too. The question is, how can you launch a successful startup within an established business? When most people think of start-ups, they think they have to launch startups outside of a big corporation or outside of an established business. And for good reason. Start-Ups Don’t Have to Die Inside of a Big Company As a pattern,…
  • Management Innovation is at the Top of the Innovation Stack

    18 Sep 2014 | 8:56 am
    “Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.” — Howard Aiken When it comes to innovation, Management Innovation is at the top of the innovation stack. Management Innovation creates new ways of mobilizing talent, allocating resources, and building strategies. Management Innovation is how wars have been won and how businesses have created brilliant breakthroughs and tremendous turnarounds. For anybody who has ever felt that ‘the system’ is stifling innovation or that the bottleneck is at the top of the…
  • Realizing Your Potential is a Dynamic Process

    15 Sep 2014 | 8:41 am
    “Potential has a shelf life.” — Margaret Atwood, Cat’s Eye It’s important to know how your beliefs can enable or limit you. Your potential is not a static thing.  It’s a dynamic process: Your beliefs shape your potential, your potential shapes your actions, and your actions shape your results. And your results shape your beliefs. This process of realizing your potential works both ways:  Your beliefs can create upward momentum or they can create a downward spiral. In the book, Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement, Tony Robbins shares a model for…
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    Get Organized Wizard

  • 6 Easy Steps To Staying Organized

    Kylie Browne
    25 Sep 2014 | 4:53 pm
    If you competed in the 2014 Disorganized Olympics*, would you receive a medal?  Merriam-Webster defines disorganized as: not arranged or planned in a particular way not having parts arranged in a neat and effective way not able to keep things arranged in a neat or effective way.  For most of us who undertake declutter projects, satisfaction is short-lived.  You find that you have spent time and energy creating a clever system that will keep your home or workspace looking fabulous but in the blink of  day, you’re back to square one. * There is no Disorganized Olympics. I made…
  • 3 Mindsets To Help You Let Go Of Clutter

    Kylie Browne
    18 Sep 2014 | 3:16 am
    Do you spend a lot of time thinking and planning, with little action? Lisa recently asked this question: We moved into our new house over a year ago now and I’m frustrated with the amount of stuff we have that clutters my home. I want to purge. I want to throw every un-useful thing out and start fresh. However every time I try to make a start, I find some crazy reason to keep these things. I’ve read books, done e-courses, written list after list about what I need to do but I just can’t seem to do it when it comes to the crunch. What am I doing wrong? Help Me!
  • I Need Your Help! Proposed 2015 Program Schedule.

    Kylie Browne
    11 Sep 2014 | 6:59 pm
    We experimented this year with our first yearly program schedule that allowed members to participate in the programs as a group. The feedback was brilliant so we are going to do it again next year. Here is a link to the proposed 2015 program schedule. You’ll see all the programs are scattered throughout the year – plus a few new ones! This includes a brand new online program for 52 Organizing Missions, due to be launched in January.  At no extra cost to all of our Premium Subscribers! Please take a minute to click the link and let me know what you think. Is it too much? Too…
  • Avoiding Energy Drainers That Ruin Your Productivity

    Kylie Browne
    4 Sep 2014 | 1:55 am
    The tricky thing about energy drainers is that you don’t realize at first that they are draining you. You give, they take, and take and take. Then all of a sudden you realize and think, Hey, that’s not fair! Below are the energy drainers to avoid if you wish to maintain your productivity and live your life simply but with purpose. 1. Toxic Relationships These relationships involve people who leave you emotionally drained and exhausted. A psychic vampire if you will! Psychic vampires are not bad people. You may even be a psychic vampire yourself. If you know that you take a lot…
  • 30 Home Decluttering Hacks

    Roelen Fernandez
    3 Sep 2014 | 12:48 am
    Clutter limits the brain’s ability to process information. It distracts you and makes you irritable, at work and at home. So says the study conducted by researchers from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute.   The good news is that being organized has health benefits. Yay! You consume less energy and you gain mental clarity. Now, imagine a clean and organized desk at work, then going home to enter your clean and decluttered home. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it? Stress-free. But, how do you start living this kind of life? Below is a list of brilliant…
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  • pics for u

    28 Sep 2014 | 10:43 pm
        It’s the end of the month and 29faces challenge. snif. Here are my last three faces.   #27 marker pen, watercolor     #28 watercolor     #29 watercolor     All my 29faces are – > HERE!           I heart macro     Macro Monday2     Ruby Tuesday     An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.   Mahatma Gandhi    
  • lazy afternoon

    25 Sep 2014 | 10:49 pm
    I had a relaxing walk the other day, it was still green but today you couldn’t find nature to be the same…autumn is here!   But first the face of the week   Paint Party Friday   All my this week’s 29faces are – > HERE!       Shadow Shot Sunday2     Sundays In My City       Have a relaxing weekend!         There are very few people who are going to look into the mirror and say, ‘That person I see is a savage monster;’ instead, they make up some construction that justifies what they…
  • red lips

    21 Sep 2014 | 10:20 pm
      MACRO MONDAY 2     I HEART MACRO     RUBY TUESDAY TOO     Did you know: ‘Rowan Berries have healing effects on the digestion, the liver and the lung.’ Read nore here.         smooch      
  • knock on wood

    18 Sep 2014 | 7:02 am
            this is my #15 of 29faces   All faces are -> -> -> HERE!       Shadow Shot Sunday2     shadows and reflections     Sundays In My City       old shed full of wood, firewood…     Have a relaxing weekend!    
  • abstract details

    14 Sep 2014 | 10:47 pm
        MACRO MONDAY 2     I HEART MACRO     RUBY TUESDAY TOO       Here’s the original, can you find those details?        
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  • Is Being Happy The Key To Happiness?

    11 Sep 2014 | 12:42 pm
    Certainly, happiness is a goal everyone tries to ultimately achieve. Everyone wants to be happy, so on a daily basis, they embark in a journey doing things that will ultimately bring them that happiness. Many times, they forget to live in the present and be happy and grateful for being here, in this world, with what they have today. You see, happiness, I believe, is as much as being happy and spreading your happiness with others, rather than “seeking” to be happy. When you first wake up in the morning, your attitude sets the mood for the rest of the day. If you wake up and think…
  • Welcome

    11 Sep 2014 | 10:30 am
    Hello and welcome to my blog. I will be writing about a variety of topics, most of which will share some sort of timeless lesson. Best, Kacey
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    New on Quips & Tips for Achieving Your Goals

  • The Favorite Child is Less Likely to Use Drugs and Alcohol

    14 Sep 2014 | 3:23 pm
    At book club recently, we discussed what it’s like to be the favorite child. I wish I’d seen this research then – it shows that parental favoritism is linked to drug and alcohol use (and if you’re using drugs and alcohol, you’re flirting with addiction). If your parents have a favorite... {If you want to read this article, click the title and bounce on over to Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals! Otherwise, go well, my friend.}
  • Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers – From Hummingbirds to Horses

    4 Sep 2014 | 9:35 am
    These gift ideas for animal lovers range from beautiful hummingbird pendants to a hands-on day at a horse therapy ranch. I’ve also included animal print duvet covers, Grumpy Cat gift ideas, and other gifts for animal lovers that will help you choose something perfect and meaningful.... {If you want to read this article, click the title and bounce on over to Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals! Otherwise, go well, my friend.}
  • Dog Cancer – Signs and Treatments

    2 Sep 2014 | 4:05 pm
    Here are the most common signs of cancer in dogs, treatment options for dogs with cancer, and how to prevent your dog from developing cancer. You’ll also learn a few tips from the “dog cancer vet”, Demian Dressler. In The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to... {If you want to read this article, click the title and bounce on over to Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals! Otherwise, go well, my friend.}
  • 17 Bereavement Gifts for the Loss of a Mother

    26 Aug 2014 | 3:24 pm
    These bereavement gift ideas will help you show your sympathy when a friend experiences the loss of a mother. The first bereavement gifts are for close friends, and the rest of the gift ideas are for people you don’t know well. Whether your friend is a water-cooler acquaintance or a... {If you want to read this article, click the title and bounce on over to Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals! Otherwise, go well, my friend.}
  • 10 Tips for Finding a Washing Machine Repairman

    25 Aug 2014 | 9:57 am
    Learn how to find a good washing machine repairman and ensure his work will last, based on my experience getting a Whirlpool washer fixed. These tips on how to protect yourself from a bad washing machine repairman will help you protect yourself from a shady repairman. The washer door seal on my... {If you want to read this article, click the title and bounce on over to Quips and Tips for Achieving Your Goals! Otherwise, go well, my friend.}
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    Mystic Madness

  • What You Should Know about Real Estate Market

    30 Sep 2014 | 7:15 am
    Relatively speaking, it is useless to spend tons of resources such as time and money in some things that are not very necessary in any given errands. Similarly, there are things that should never be overlooked by any serious person if they don’t want to regret later on. One field that has got some so many “useless” procedures is the real estate industry. However, we should know most of the things related to this industry so that we may not end up making very graveious mistakes. In the real estate industry, you really need to be a good strategist. Once you know some of these…
  • Four Common Myths on Starting a Real Estate Business Debunked

    30 Sep 2014 | 7:13 am
    Do you want to start a real estate business? Are there some beliefs that have kept you at bay for quite some time now? Have you decided to overlook some of these myths and go on with your plans of starting the real estate business? If yes, that’s not the best step for you. It is not in order to go in to a business if you are not fully conversant with the main concerns. If you had made such a decision, here you will find enough answers to some of those questions. At least you do not have to go in to the business blindly. What are some of the myths that are in this industry and can they…
  • Tips on How to Sell Your Home

    28 Sep 2014 | 11:25 pm
    Selling your home can be a very tall order for you. In fact, it is even more difficult if you have never sold a house before. We are living in times when you cannot just list the property on to the market and sit down waiting for a miracle to happen. Get out and make some calculated plunge and you will rest assured of selling the property and at the best possible rate. Below are some few tactics that if well employed will enable you get the best as a seller. The first thing you really need to do is to understand the market. The structure of the market around you should be known by any serious…
  • Tips for Buying a House in Any Given Market

    27 Sep 2014 | 3:01 pm
    Buying a house is a lifetime investment. However, it may just come to be the act that may come to haunt you for the remaining parts of your lives. You may think that you have made the right decision only to later on learn that the decision was the worst you have ever made in your life. What are some of the tips you have to consider before buying a house? The first thing is to avoid rushing. Although there is always the urge of getting in to your new house, take your time to list down those things that you really think are highly needed in that house of yours before you move with haste to buy…
  • Questions that You Should Ask a House Agent When You Are Buying a House

    26 Sep 2014 | 2:40 pm
    When you together with your realtor have embarked on a home finding and ultimately home buying mission, you really need to be careful, not to overlook any important step before you sign that agreement and transfer cash from your account to that of the seller. When you are just about to buy your very first house or this is the first time you want to do the buying by yourself, your realtor may show you some of the common questions that buyers need to answer before buying the houses. You really need to know what is expected of you and that’s why you’re most vital questions to ask the…
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    How to of the Day

  • How to Skateboard (Beginners)

    30 Sep 2014 | 1:00 am
    Everybody has got to start somewhere. If you want to learn to skateboard, but don't know an ollie from an elbow, you've come to the right place. You can learn to get the right gear for learning to skate, learn to stand on the board and ride comfortably without falling down, and some helpful hints for sticking with it and actually learning to ride. See Step 1 for more information. Steps Getting the Gear Get a skateboard that suits your interests. There are lots of styles and brands of boards available for all skill levels and interests. Visit a local skate shop to browse the selection and get…
  • How to Delete a YouTube Account

    29 Sep 2014 | 1:00 pm
    Your YouTube account is now completely connected with your Google account, which means you can't delete one without deleting the other. If you have multiple channels, however, each one is treated as a separate account and can be deleted individually. See Step 1 below to learn how to delete your YouTube channels or delete your Google account entirely. Steps Deleting a YouTube Channel Log in with the channel you want to delete. Each channel you create will have an individual account on YouTube and Google+. When you delete the YouTube channel, you will also need to delete the associated Google+…
  • How to Bowl a Strike

    29 Sep 2014 | 1:00 am
    Want to roll turkeys like the pros do? It's not impossible. Improve your strike accuracy by learning to locate your perfect starting point and developing the good habits that will have you knocking the pins down. Steps Choosing Your Starting Position Align your non-dominant foot with the center dot. Before you start rolling strikes in every frame, you'll need to figure out your best possible position from which to start your throws. Your non-dominant foot will be whichever is opposite your bowling hand. If you bowl right, this will be your left foot. Put your left foot forward, aligned just…
  • How to Find Inflection Points

    28 Sep 2014 | 1:00 pm
    In differential calculus, an inflection point is a point on a curve where the curvature changes sign (from plus to minus or from minus to plus). It is used in various disciplines, including engineering, economics, and statistics, to determine fundamental shifts in data. If you need to find the inflection points of a curve, scroll to Step 1. Steps Part 1: Understanding Inflection Points Understand concave functions. To understand inflection points, you need to distinguish between concave and convex functions. A concave function is a function in which no line that joins two points on its graph…
  • How to Approach Women Anywhere

    28 Sep 2014 | 1:00 am
    Finding that pick up lines are getting you nowhere? Not sure how to start a conversation with that girl you see at the supermarket every week? No matter your problem, wikiHow can help you not only start a conversation with a woman but also make it a roaring success. Just see Step 1 below to get started. Steps Setting Up For Success Practice talking to strangers. There is no great mystery to talking to women. Women are just people and the most comfortable way for you to talk to them, as well as the way that makes them the most receptive, is for you to talk to them the same way you'd talk to…
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    Personal Excellence

  • Ask Celes – I’m Getting Married and I’m Afraid of My Wife Seeing My Private Parts. Help?

    17 Sep 2014 | 3:04 am
    Dear Celes, I am a 25-year old man. I am facing the biggest crisis in my life as I am going to get married. My brief background would make it clear. When I was a kid, around 10, my female cousin (around the same age) and I would sleep together. On one such occasion, her hand accidentally touched my thigh and felt something bulging. She asked me what it was. In my child-like, innocent enthusiasm I opened my shorts and she saw my erect p****. She got excited and started rocking it, saying that she had now seen my ‘shame-shame’. Later, in the same excitement, she told all this to…
  • Aha Moments: How World Icons Got their Ideas and Inspiration [Infographic]

    11 Sep 2014 | 4:07 pm
    Hi everyone!! I apologize for the lack of updates! While I originally thought that I would have all the time in the world to create new content on PE after my wedding, as it turned out, I’ve been busy with moving into my new home (done), furnishing it (done; will be recording new Celes.TV video with house tour soon), and now loaded with a series of projects (the current live run of Anti-Procrastination Course which will last till mid-Oct, business collaborations, multiple one-to-one coaching clients, and an upcoming workshop engagement), among the admin work of managing a business.
  • What’s on Your Bucket List? 101 Things To Do Before You Die

    28 Aug 2014 | 2:28 pm
    “Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross “The only people who fear death are those with regrets.” ~ Author Unknown A few days ago, I was surfing online when I came across someone’s bucket list. It quickly inspired me to create my own list and write an article about it at the same time. What’s a Bucket List? If you haven’t heard about the term “bucket list”, it is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to experience before you die. Why Create a Bucket List?
  • Write a Letter to Your Future Self (Review of my Past Letters and Tips to Write Your Letter!)

    22 Aug 2014 | 4:20 am
    Writing a letter to your future self is a concept I first wrote about in 2009, in my article of the same name. It is also the task for Day 29 of Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program. As I was recently reviewing the letters from my past self (in 2008) and writing my next batch of letters to my future selves, I thought it’s the perfect chance to record a video tutorial of the process and show you guys how you can do the same too! Watch the video below (please leave a “like” on my YouTube video page if you want more videos like this!): (If you’re unable to see the…
  • “I’ll do this tomorrow.” 5 Procrastination Lies We Tell Ourselves, Debunked

    19 Aug 2014 | 10:35 am
    Do you have a habit of procrastinating? In my years of working with coachees to bust their procrastination, I’ve found five deep-seated “lies” that we tend to tell ourselves, so that we feel better about procrastinating. I call these “lies” because they’re often untrue, and merely justifications to help us feel better about procrastinating. See if you identify with any of the below. Procrastination Lie #1: “I’ll do this tomorrow/later.” (Or “I don’t have enough time.”) How many of us say this to ourselves?
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    Change your Thoughts for true Personal Development

  • 5 Things You Should Know About Reinvention Before Jumping!

    Kathryn Sandford
    26 Sep 2014 | 4:00 am
    “There was a disturbance in my heart, a voice that spoke there and said, I want, I want, I want! It happened every afternoon, and when I tried to suppress it, it got even stronger.” ~ Saul Bellow. I have survived 3 redundancies in 18 months. It was the 3rd redundancy that was the Catalyst for me. I realised that if I wasn’t going to make some changes in my life, the chances of me facing another redundancy were high. There was no way that I was going to face a 4th one! Why didn’t I make the change earlier? I guess there are 2 factors involved as to why I didn’t take up…
  • How to Effortlessly Focus For 2.5 Hours at a Stretch

    Andrew Long
    19 Sep 2014 | 4:00 am
    Okay, I admit, the headline sounds a little bit outrageous. Most folks I know have trouble focusing for 15 minutes at a stretch, let alone 2.5 hours. Why is this? It’s because everything in our digital environment — from the ping of incoming text messages to the buzz of constant status updates — conspires to interrupt us, break our concentration, and encourage us to procrastinate by reaching for a quick, sugary spike of ‘instant gratification,’ rather than buckling down and finishing the job. What are the heights you might soar to, if you were able to prioritize,…
  • 10 Ways To Motivate When You’re Feeling Uninspired

    Rosanna Casper
    17 Sep 2014 | 4:00 am
    Google this: How to get motivated. Or “how to find willpower” or “how to stop procrastination.” You’d think that there would be something hidden in the inter-webs, perhaps some magic pill to swallow where *poof* we turn into balls of energy and motivation. Sadly, there is none. I’ve looked. We’re sensational rationalizers. Especially when it comes to the things we need to do but don’t want to. We’ll craft compelling reasons to “not work” only to be met with feelings of guilt and inadequacy, and then we wonder – What’s wrong with me? Where is my will…
  • 8 Ways to Start Your Morning Right

    Ed Herzog
    12 Sep 2014 | 4:00 am
    How you start off your morning can have a big impact on how the rest of your day proceeds.  If you start off in a negative mind state, that state is likely to persist for the rest of the day.  On the other hand, if you start off in a positive mind state, that state can also carry you throughout the rest of the day, no matter what else you encounter. Unfortunately, too many of us don’t take our mornings seriously.  Instead, we sleep until the last possible moment, take a quick shower, maybe grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee, and then run out the door. I encourage you to start taking…
  • 25 Tips for a Healthier Relationship

    Dominica Applegate
    10 Sep 2014 | 4:00 am
    If you’ve ever suffered through some time in an unhealthy relationship, you’ll completely appreciate the following tips for a super-duper, exciting, healthy, and SANE relationship. I mean, toxic relationships totally suck every bit of positive energy you’ve got, leaving both of you bone dry. I’m sure you want your relationship to be the best it can be and in order for it to be the best, you have to make some effort to keep it fresh and healthy.  Whether you’ve been together 2 months or 20 years, heed these 25 wonderful tips for a healthier and happier relationship. Laugh. As…
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    Exile Lifestyle

  • Sentimentality and the Present

    23 Sep 2014 | 7:53 am
    We calibrate our actions to happiness. That is to say, we generally do the things that we believe will bring us the greatest net happiness over time. Unfortunately, the actions we take can result in less happiness and more discouragement, dissatisfaction, and despair. This commonly results from a misunderstanding of the relationship between sentimentality and the present. Sentimentality is a prediction of how we’ll feel in the future. We prime for nostalgia by making a guess about the wants and feelings of a future potential self; one that maybe misses this restaurant or perhaps regrets…
  • Pre-Order Considerations

    10 Sep 2014 | 7:21 am
    My new nonfiction book, Considerations, will hit shelves on November 1, and is now available for pre-order through Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and Gumroad. Considerations is a book about asking questions, attaining new perspectives, figuring out what you believe, and determining how these beliefs can help guide your actions Because of my coffee pricing policy, the book costs a whopping $2.99. If you pre-order the book and email me a receipt or some other proof-of-purchase, you’ll also receive 30 Days of Doing, free of charge (though it can also be had for $2.99 after the fact, if you miss…
  • Stack for Serendipity

    2 Sep 2014 | 7:33 am
    I’m sometimes told that I published a piece of work at exactly the right time. A new book, blog post, or newsletter arrived at the very moment a reader was thinking about the same topic, and I helped provide the right words, insight, or even just a kick out the door to motivate them toward their next step. I love when this happens. Not because I think I had much to do with them taking those next steps — I might help strike a spark, but they provide the fuel and stoke it into a fire — but because it’s an example of how we can perform what seem to be feats of magic just by…
  • Somethingness

    29 Aug 2014 | 6:35 am
    I teach an online design class from time-to-time, and one of the things I try to instill in my students is that whitespace is their friend. Whitespace looks luxurious. Look at a pennysaver-style ad sheet or tabloid, and you’ll see that every available inch has been filled with words and images and whatnot. Look at a high-end fashion magazine or design publication, however, and you’ll notice that many of the pages are barely utilized. There are far fewer images, far less text, and a whole hell of a lot of empty space. I should note that ‘whitespace’ needn’t be…
  • Public Pianos and Amplification

    25 Aug 2014 | 6:43 am
    There’s a piano in a park not far from where I live in Prague. The park is the hub for a bustling tram station and metro line, and stretches out in front of a beautiful cathedral that people crowd around to photograph all day long. But my favorite part of the square is one of the walkways leading toward the cathedral, where a piano has been placed. There’s an unadorned stool in front of the piano, and the instrument itself is somewhat gritty and aged. Yet that walkway has brought immense joy to me and thousands of other people who pass by it every day: some who sit down to listen…
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    Organize to Revitalize!

  • Fact Friday: Workers Are Less Productive on Sunny Days

    Deb Lee
    26 Sep 2014 | 6:31 am
    “While you might think that people are more productive in good weather, just the opposite is true, according to research from Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. On warm, sunny days worker productivity actually decreases because people are distracted by thoughts about what they could be doing …“   Read More: No Time to Think | | 9.11.2014     Related Information Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity by Laura Leist                    …
  • ‘Tis the Season to Get More Organized!

    Naomi Cook
    18 Sep 2014 | 9:02 am
    Nope, it’s not Christmas … it’s not even Halloween (although you would think that it was next week, with the mass amounts of candy in the stores!). It’s just plain ol’ September! But, what a month for great deals on products to organize your home. Keep in mind that you might already have some of these items at home. After sorting and purging, you might be able to free up a few containers and organizers you can use. So, after doing a bit of uncluttering first, think about restructuring the areas below so that you can get more organized. And, if you find that you need to buy some…
  • 5-Minute Organizing Challenge ~ Get Organized for Self Improvement Month

    Dan Loya
    15 Sep 2014 | 2:02 pm
    September is Self Improvement Month, so the 5-Minute Organizing Challenge is focused on brief activities that will help you develop yourself. The mini-challenges will help you get organized and they will each take just five minutes to complete. Organize a “junk drawer.” Usually transforming any “junky” area of your home will make you feel better, and it can build your confidence to tackle larger areas. Try starting with the most cluttered drawers in your home. Put like things together and find a way to separate items into categories. If you have drawer dividers or expandable…
  • Organize to Revitalize Celebrates 6-Year Blogiversary

    Deb Lee, Certified Professional Organizer®
    12 Sep 2014 | 4:52 am
    Fridays are usually reserved for the regular Organize to Revitalize! Fact Friday post (more on that in a minute). This is a bit of a station break to announce how EXCITED I am that OTR is celebrating its 6-year blogiversary! I didn’t know what to expect when I started blogging and, in some ways, I still don’t know what will come my way. But, what I do know is that I’m grateful for anyone who reads and supports this blog. THANK YOU for sticking around with us. Of course, a HUGE thank you goes out to all the regular blog writers (did you notice that a few more…
  • Wage War on Your Cluttered Office (Part 1)

    Stephanie Shalofsky
    11 Sep 2014 | 12:41 pm
    Original Image Credit: Ugh. I can’t find anything in here! Oh no, where’s that file on ________? There’s no place for me to put the new printer. I’m in a rush. Let me look for the folder later. Folders here, folders there, stacked up on the desk, credenza and the floor as well. Piles of paperwork perched on pretty much every surface, knickknacks scattered here and there, endless post-it notes stuck to the walls, computer monitor and pretty much anywhere else on which they can stick. Get the picture? Sure, you do. Your cluttered office is a situation out of control and bound…
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    Timeless Information

  • Non-Imposition

    16 Sep 2014 | 7:22 pm
    I used to interrupt people a lot when they were doing things they were focused on in public.  Some people were okay with this, but some people didn’t like it.  Lately I have reduced that.  Today, I went up to talk to someone, and she said she was writing a story, so I told her I don’t interrupt anymore and left her alone.  Later I was thinking it was nice that I left on that note and that she could come over if she had such a desire.  Two minutes after I had that thought, she came over and talked with me.  This was nice. Imposing is one of my favorite things, but it…
  • Lemonade

    16 Sep 2014 | 12:04 pm
    There’s a food place called Lemonade that has various foods.  If you so desire, you can get one of the foods.  On the other hand, you can just skip the line of people and go to the front and get a lemonade and head out the door quickly.  This is an award-winning concept.  The line then becomes nothing as you float by it on a sea of air.  Think about that one.  You could pretend you were flying on a magic carpet past the people in the line.  Wouldn’t that be something? You might think I’m a representative for Lemonade, and I could be, but I am currently not.  I am not…
  • Youth Policy Releases “Time Has Told Me”

    25 Apr 2014 | 6:50 pm
    For those not in the know, the entity known as Youth Policy has released a new album titled Time Has Told Me, and it is packed with tracks that will take you to another place.  The hit song “Man of Science” is the clear front-runner, not only with its fluid presentation, but also its lyrical message and organization.  When someone thinks of Youth Policy, they think of the soft-toned creations that are all over this album, but “Man of Science” gives you another dimension of what band member GK can present. “Man of Science” hits you with lyrics like…
  • My YouTube Channel – Armentropy

    8 Feb 2014 | 5:16 pm
    Hey folks.  I have made a YouTube channel called Armentropy that consists of videos of me talking and interacting with people in public.  The name of the channel is a combination of Armen, which is my name, and entropy, a thermodynamic or information theory term that can be taken to mean “lack of order or predictability”.  I recommend checking the channel out, and if you like the videos, you can subscribe to get future content. Related posts: An Interview With Justine Ezarik
  • Are The Suburbs The Way Of The Future?

    10 Oct 2013 | 6:18 pm
    Are expanding suburbs not the way the US housing market is headed?  Is a tighter-knit community that involves less driving the way we want to go?  Leigh Gallagher goes over these topics in her book The End of the Suburbs: Where the American Dream Is Moving.  A review on the back of the book is by Spencer Rascoff, the CEO of Zillow, and he says that Leigh predicts a housing setup in the US “where the conveniences of the urban lifestyle rewire our understanding of the American Dream.  You’ll never look at a cul-de-sac the same way again…” One of the first points I…
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    Time Management Ninja

  • How Many Hours Do You Actually Work in a Workday?

    30 Sep 2014 | 4:46 am
    You arrive late to work. (Just a few minutes…) You then get your coffee. And then socialize with others about their weekend. You check the news. And then surf your inbox for 45 minutes. Soon, it’s lunch time. Wait… you just got here. You might need to ask, “How many hours are you actually working […]
  • 7 Habits That Supercharge Your Productivity in Just 5 Minutes

    26 Sep 2014 | 3:00 am
    This is a guest post by Arijit Banerjea, a Productivity and Time Management coach who helps people gain two extra hours a day. Get his latest free e-book – Productivity Secrets of 7 Billionaires that You can put into Action Right Now! It’s a really long and busy day.  Meetings, emails, a looming deadline. You […]
  • There Is No Wrong Time

    24 Sep 2014 | 4:17 am
    When is the right time? There may be a better time. But, there is no such thing as a wrong time. There is just time. Waiting for the Right Time Recently, someone told me they were “waiting until the right time” to pursue their dream job. Right time?  I was curious. When is the right […]
  • It Doesn’t Matter Where You Keep Your Todo List

    22 Sep 2014 | 4:39 am
    You say you are overloaded. You say you have too much to do. Yet, you aren’t even keeping a todo list. So, how do you really know what you need to accomplish? Show me Your List Where do you keep your todo list? It really doesn’t matter, as long as you are keeping one. “If […]
  • 27 Places and Times You Don’t Need to Check Your Phone

    18 Sep 2014 | 4:32 am
    Do you check your phone all day long? The average person turns on their phone 110 times a day! (Some extreme users do it closer to 1000!) But, you don’t need to check your phone everywhere and anytime. If you do, your phone is ruling your life. Is Your Phone Always There? You take your […]
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  • Decorating your Day-Timer®

    26 Sep 2014 | 3:08 pm
    Love your Day-Timer® but want it to feel… a little more like you? There are tons of Day-Timer users that customize their planners to make them more personal. You may be asking yourself, “how do you decorate a planner?” Well we talked to some Day-Timer decorating experts and have pictures of how they personalized theirs! One of our Instagram followers, @craftyscrappymamas, made her own Day-Timer charm! Her style is now reflected in her Day-Timer with things she likes, like an earring of hers and a cute mom keychain. Her Day-Timer charm isn’t going anywhere, either, because it’s…
  • Planner Accessories

    11 Sep 2014 | 7:17 pm
    We know you love your Day-Timer®, and we want you to get the most out of it! So have you ever considered planner accessories to make your planner even more functional? We have great accessories that are made perfectly for your Day-Timer! We have a line of planner accessories to compliment your Day-Timer and improve your everyday planning! Is your Day-Timer your go-to planner at work? It knows all the meetings you have each day, contact information and maybe even notes jotted on the margins? Do we have a solution for you to make your Day-Timer even better! We offer a business card holder so…
  • Environmentally Friendly Planners

    31 Jul 2014 | 3:34 pm
    Every year there is one thing that should always be scheduled in your planner – buying a new one.  When choosing a new planner you might want to use the same format, or you may want to try something new! But when looking for a new planner have you ever considered how much of the planner is made from recycled content? It is time for you to consider recycled planners, since not all planners are made the same!   Here at Day-Timer we love to recycle, after all we are a paper company! When choosing our paper we think about how conscious you are of the environment; that’s why all of our…
  • The Value of an Academic Planner

    11 Jul 2014 | 10:15 am
    An academic planner starts in July and ends in June. But what’s the purpose of having a planner that starts in July? There’s no difference in the format between planners, so what’s the big deal? Well, here’s what we know: Students Love Academic Planners When you’re a student and your planner aligns with your school year, it’s nice. Everything aligns well between your school work and your planner. Plus as a student, you’re taking notes, remembering readings, and scheduling assignments for classes. An academic planner helps you prioritize what needs to be done! Teachers Love…
  • Plan The Perfect 4th

    20 Jun 2014 | 2:36 pm
    Follow these tips and suggestions this Fourth of July for an exciting holiday! If You’re Hosting A Party: Having a get together with friends and family is always fun, and properly planning for it will make it even more enjoyable for you and your guests! Here are some tips to get the most out of planning for your party. Create a budget and stick to it! Budgets may seem like a drag, so to keep costs low think of how many people you’re inviting, how crazy your decorations will be, and if your guests should bring a side and beverage. Pick a theme for your party! Come on, you can do better…
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    The Art of Less Doing

  • Podcast #87 with Tony Blauer of SPEAR Tactical Systems

    Fancy Hands
    28 Sep 2014 | 7:37 pm
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  • Podcast #86 w/ Yuri Elkaim Of The All Day Energy Diet

    Fancy Hands
    22 Sep 2014 | 10:37 pm
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  • Podcast #85 w/Ilan Ferdman of Satori Prime

    Fancy Hands
    17 Sep 2014 | 5:08 pm
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  • Podcast #84 With Nick Gray Of Museum Hacks

    Ari Meisel
    11 Sep 2014 | 7:06 pm
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  • Podcast #84 With Nick Gray Of Museum Hack

    Fancy Hands
    11 Sep 2014 | 4:19 pm
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    Prolific Living - Smart Habits for Rich Living

  • Want to Be Happy? 5 Powerful Ways Meditation Can Make It Happen

    24 Sep 2014 | 7:28 pm
    The power of the quiet mind, and how to get it. What if you could enhance and improve your life not by another new technique or tips you get from the media or books or online personal development blogs (including this one!) but rather by awakening a true power within you? What if you learned to quiet your mind before you began your day every morning? What would that do to your happiness and inner peace (aff)? How would that impact your dreams, your goals, your whole life? If we truly understood and believed in the power of a quiet mind, we would never allow the commotion of the outside world…
  • Top 202 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes on Life

    1 Sep 2014 | 6:59 am
    I’ve loved and collected quotations since I bought my first journal at age 12 many moons ago. You see, before the internet, we had books and libraries, paper and pens but we still loved quotations – or quotes for short. They were just harder to assimilate and enjoy! Now inspirational quotes are ubiquitous, in fact so much that you may have become blind to them. Don’t. They still work even if you feel hopeless and desperate. You just need to find your favorites. Here are my favorite 202 inspirational and motivational quotes on life for happiness, inner peace, and success.
  • 8 Ways Perfectionism is Ruining Your Life (And How to Cure It)

    18 Aug 2014 | 2:15 pm
    Let’s find out. Is perfectionism ruining your life too? Perfection is the state of being perfect, and this state does not exist. (You knew that, right? Apparently, some of us perfectionists were left off the memo!) Perfection is a moving target, forever deluding those of us silly enough to chase it. You can’t ever catch it, my dear, much like chasing a rainbow, or your shadow, or a fleeting thought. It is impossible to capture the state of perfection – or perfectionism – and to be one with it. So if you seek and praise perfectionism, it is ruining your life. Quietly and…
  • How to Get to Know Yourself in 5 Fool-Proof Steps

    13 Aug 2014 | 7:35 am
    Living a lie comes out sooner or later. The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anais Nin When I read this quote first, I felt something tighten in my heart. I was still at my corporate job, living in total conflict with my core values, and still denying the reality of the situation. It took a simple phrase to snap me out of my coma and help me see how I had created my own agony: By denying who I am. And for what? So I could go on being someone else to impress people I don’t care about for reasons that don’t matter?
  • How to Heal Negativity with the Power of Positive Affirmations

    5 Aug 2014 | 11:23 am
    A morning in the life of a positive mind The birds are singing a sweet melody. The air is crisp, feeling like a gentle lover’s kiss on my cheek, and the taste of a new fresh morning is delicious. Is this morning different? Or am I different? Most likely explanation is I am different. Mornings have always been lovely – I can see that now, thanks to the power of positive affirmations. I used to be so engrossed in my loud worries and wound up in high stress that I forgot how to listen to or feel or taste a new day of life. Do you know the feeling, being “too busy” to even feel the…
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  • Business And Management Lessons From Peter Drucker

    29 Sep 2014 | 4:08 am
    Peter Drucker is often referred to as “the founder of modern management,” making large impacts through his work in management consulting, teaching, and writing 39 books. He also wrote for the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and The Harvard Business Review. This influential guy knew how to keep busy, and there are some helpful business lessons from Peter Drucker that every current, future, or active manager and entrepreneur should know.Drucker was a business thinker and believed “that in modern society there is no other leadership group but managers. If the managers of our…
  • Questions To Ask During An Interview

    22 Sep 2014 | 4:08 am
    In case you missed my last post, When It’s Finally Time To Find A New Job, I am plowing full speed ahead in job search mode. As part of my own interview prep, I’ve put together a list of questions to ask during an interview to help those of you who are also on the job hunt. When it comes to interviewing, the more prep the better!Having been at my current company for way too long, I’ve interviewed over 400 candidates for jobs as people came and left. I’m a bit off my game now that I’m the one actively looking for work since I’ve been on the other side of…
  • When It’s Finally Time To Find A New Job: My Job Search Quest Begins

    15 Sep 2014 | 4:08 am
    Life is funny. When we’re kids we have all kinds of fun and crazy ideas of what we want to be when we grow up. We were free from inhibitions, fears, and biases because we were busy being enthusiastic, curious, and silly. But as we grow up, our thoughts and aspirations can become cloudy and more uncertain. Doubt creeps in, and we find ourselves having a lot more questions than answers. A lot of us end up on career paths very different from where we thought we’d go. I know I sure did. It’s a lot harder than we realized as kids to have a successful career that goes in a…
  • How Often Do You Use Coupons To Save Money?

    8 Sep 2014 | 4:08 am
    I consider myself a value shopper. For example, I only like buying clothes at cheap places like Target, Old Navy, and Ross. I have absolutely no desire to buy anything from stores like LV, Gucci or Prada. Luxury goods feels like such a waste of money to me because designer brands have 90%+ gross profit margins. And as a fan of personal finance and minding how I spend my money, I would feel really foolish paying for such a premium.As I’ve aged and become financially independent, I’ve also realized that it doesn’t really matter what brand you buy when you’re…
  • Why Are So Many People Bad At Their Jobs?!

    1 Sep 2014 | 4:08 am
    Playwright Jean-Paul Sartre has a famous line in one of his plays, “Hell is other people.” Haha, while I’m sure there are many proper literary interpretations of what that means, I think that quote is simple, dead on, and oh so true. People can make things over complicated, and so frustrating. I’ve had a lot of aggravating days this past month dealing with other people that I’m so tempted to go pitch a tent in the woods where nobody else can find or bother me. My stress levels are high because of people and projects gone bad, and I find myself constantly…
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    Wake Up Cloud

  • How to Do What You Love

    23 Sep 2014 | 2:57 am
    “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” - Joseph Campbell Just a few short years ago, I didn’t know I could get paid to do what I love. I was stuck in rules, shoulds, and what people thought I should do. But then things changed. I started listening to myself, to my inner GPS. I discovered more joy, happiness, and peace. I realized that life isn’t about getting something or becoming someone in order to be happy. Life is about being happy and then following the inspirational nudges you get. The truth is that you can do what you…
  • How to Make Great Decisions in Life + Business

    16 Sep 2014 | 3:01 am
    Aah. Decisions. Should I do this, or that? Should I follow my passion, or should I take the “safe” road? Our lives are made up of decisions. How you make those decisions determines your life. But it’s not just how, but from where you make decisions. That’s what many people miss. They may achieve success, but without following their inner authority, they may never achieve satisfaction. Make Good Decisions — The Video So how do you make good decisions both in life and business? In the video below I share my story, and what I’ve learned from helping people…
  • “How Often Should I Blog?”

    9 Sep 2014 | 2:12 am
    A common question I get is: “How often should I blog?” Should you post something daily? Three times per week? What about weekly? Is weekly too little? What people are really asking is: What should I do in order to succeed? We reach for formulas. We want guarantees. I know, because I did this when I started in late 2009. And I still do. I’m in no way immune. But this isn’t the right focus if you want to live a satisfying life. How Often to Blog (Video) So what’s the answer then? Is there a magic number, and if not, what do you do instead? The answer can be found…
  • You Don’t Have to Plan Your Business (or Your Life)

    26 Aug 2014 | 12:56 am
    Something that has become more and more apparent over the years is how little influence my plans have on what actually happens I still have a direction for where I want my business to go, but I’m not rigid about it. You could say that I have more of a general direction, or intention, rather than a detailed plan that outlines every step to my destination. I also have the benefit of not needing to be rigid because I don’t need to aggressively grow my business. Whenever I want to grow my business, I ask myself the magic question: Why? Is it because I want more money? Why do I want more…
  • What to Do When You Hate Your Job

    19 Aug 2014 | 1:30 am
    Are you stuck in a job you hate? Do you wish you could escape and do work you love? I often get emails that go something like this: I’m in a job I hate. How can I escape and do work I love? I could try and give people a formula to follow. It would make them feel good. But it wouldn’t be the truth. My answer is rarely what most people want to hear, but if you’re ready for real change, it’s exactly what you need to hear. You see, there’s no quick fix. No shortcut. The bottom line is that you need to look inside before you look outside. When You Hate Your Job…
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    The Summit Blog

  • The secret motivation that leads prospects to buy

    Julie Poland
    30 Sep 2014 | 3:37 am
    This post is for you, salespersons who are out on the roadGoogle Images: planetperplex.commeeting with prospective customers. Wouldn't it be nice to invest less time to track down real potential clients?  Wouldn't you love to help more people see the value in the products and services you provide?Unfortunately for you, this prospective customer hasn't been thinking about you or what you might have to offer, no matter how great you and your products or services are.  Instead, he or she is thinking about the problems that are creating cost, stress, and negative customer impact in the…
  • Noticing - and pursuing - the possibilities

    Julie Poland
    29 Sep 2014 | 3:25 am
    Google Images: inspiremonkey.comDing!  The alarm rings and you're off and running. Another day, another week, and within five minutes you're into your usual groove - dog out, breakfast, newspaper, shower and other grooming, dressed and out the door.  You're probably headed down the same old route to work, too.What if you were to use a different sequence today?  What might happen if you were to drive a different road to the office?  Would your day be turned upside-down, or might you notice something that you haven't seen in a while?  Might you pass an object along your…
  • Friday Favorites - Are you emotionally mature?

    Julie Poland
    26 Sep 2014 | 3:23 am
    Google Images: qatarcultureclub.blogspot.comYou probably thought that the tormenting and occasional hair-pulling would end with grade school, didn't you?  You never thought it would translate into workplace versions of the same behavior.  You've probably had more than one occasion to observe the difference between chronological age, intellect, and emotional maturity. And you've found that one does not necessarily correlate with the other, much to your chagrin.You can develop your intellect - schools do it every day, and you can continue the process by being intentional about…
  • What will be your legacy?

    Julie Poland
    25 Sep 2014 | 3:32 am
    A friend lost her father five days ago.  As young marrieds, and then Sac, Yvonne's dadwith young children, our family spent hours and afternoons and evenings together hanging out at my friend's house.  And her dad, who lived about a four-hour drive away, was often there.  He created an indelible impression.Sac would come to town for the weekend, ready to tackle his daughter's "honey do" list, saving his son-in-law from some tedious home improvement work and at the same time continuing to care for his "little" girl.  He'd join into the conversation with his daughter's…
  • There's almost never a good time to do this

    Julie Poland
    24 Sep 2014 | 3:48 am
    Stephen Covey talked about it more than 25 years ago in his best selling book,The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and it still holds up. There's never a good time for doing planning, for building relationships, for training, and for preventing crises.Google Images: thesilvertelegram.comAll of these activities are, as Covey described them, important but not urgent.  Nobody is pulling at you to connect with the department across the hall.  Unless you choose to put it there, nothing is in your calendar to say, "Your skills are going stale - time to sharpen the saw."  And…
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    Balance In Me

  • How to Balance Me and Us Time

    29 Sep 2014 | 11:49 am
    Nobody can put a price on ‘me time’ – whether you’ve had a stressful week at work or just want a moment to have a good think, we all need a little time out now and then. But when you’ve got a partner, this can be easier said than done, particularly if you’re in the honeymoon phase of a relationship. On the flip side, if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you might not be spending enough time with your partner. If you’re having trouble striking the balance, here are a few tips on how you can both make the most of your ‘me’ and…
  • How to Balance a Love of Food with a Desire to Be Healthy

    Adrienne Erin
    16 Sep 2014 | 6:00 am
    By guest author Adrienne Erin Despite countless fraudulent Internet ads that claim the contrary, there is no magic pill to make us skinny. Even though we sometimes hate to admit it, it’s clear that the only road to healthy living is a two lane highway: exercise and healthy eating. Americans are famous for clocking hours at the gym to make up for their poor food choices. I tell myself a plate of French fries will be erased by a half an hour on the elliptical or an ice cream sundae will be forgotten thanks to Saturday morning yoga. Unfortunately, the old saying “abs are made in the…
  • How to Balance Our Time

    8 Sep 2014 | 12:10 pm
    By guest author Traci Lawrence How can we tell if our Lives are Out of Balance? We can tell that our lives are not balanced through honest self-evaluation. We can ask ourselves how we’re spending our time. Do we work too much? Are we connected to electronics continually? How much quality time do we spend with our families? Are we devoting too much time to our hobbies? How often do we help other people with no thought of getting anything in return? Jasmin Tanjeloff, LMHC writes, on, about two kinds of balance of which we need to be aware: Balance in our internal world (mind,…
  • How to Balance Appearance and Reality

    18 Aug 2014 | 11:40 am
    By guest author Traci Lawrence What is the difference between Appearance and Reality? According to, appearance [uh-peer-uh ns] – the state, condition, manner, or style in which a person or object appears; outward look or aspect. reality [ree-al-i-tee] – the state or quality of being real; something that exists independently of ideas concerning it. Reality is fact while appearance is perception. For example: The clown in the image to the right appears slender in the mirror, but he is overweight in reality. A small dog may appear to be cute and cuddly while the…
  • For the Ladies: Tips for Finding a Happy, Healthy Relationship

    6 Aug 2014 | 12:17 pm
    By guest author Christina Moore Of all the different problems we can have in the various areas of our lives, anything in the love department can really do a number on us emotionally. It is the rare person who doesn’t crave a healthy, loving relationship with someone with whom you can build a life together. Wanting this, and not having it can be distressing to say the least. The failed relationships and bad dates fill us with despair, and we are convinced we will be alone forever. But, you can find that great relationship—it is not something reserved for a special few. You deserve it just…
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    Nona Jordan Coaching

  • Going to the Source

    25 Sep 2014 | 6:38 pm
    It was the year my husband went to Afghanistan.  I knew that year I was going to take time every damn day for me. To do the things that I love. And I did. I hiked, I meditated outdoors. I danced. I talked to my guides and I spent time with dear friends. I slept […]Related Articles:Surf LessonsThe Nature of MoneyYour TRUE VisionNot Quite ReadyThe REAL Treat
  • Solving a Better Problem

    26 Aug 2014 | 8:16 pm
    I was very good at solving the ‘not enough’ problem. Over and over again, monthly – if not every two weeks – I found myself filled with fear and the rush that would come with scrambling around, finding money, paying bills, shuffling debt around. Then I would reward myself with mindless spending on stuff that I didn’t really […]Related Articles:Extreme Gratitude: Not for SissiesWhat’s In Your (Financial) Closet?Feeding the GhostsThe healing power of curiosityOne and the Same
  • The Nature of Money

    13 Aug 2014 | 3:22 pm
    “Money is just dirty paper.”  I worked in a bank in my early 20’s. Believe me, when you count bills all day and your fingers turn black from the counting, stacking and wrapping of different denominations of money, that is the experience of money. Dirty paper. But if it were just dirty paper, it wouldn’t take so […]Related Articles:Going to the SourceLet it Flow, Baby.A woman who investsThe $25,000 Hole in My BudgetPlaying with Money Energy
  • Podcast: Goddess Guidance for Abundance

    30 Jul 2014 | 2:11 pm
    Goddesses for Abundance & Prosperity This week’s podcast had some technical issues – there is an echo on my speech throughout, but my guest, Amy Palko, was totally unaffected. If you listen in, all of Amy’s answers are crystal clear. You can listen through BlogTalkRadio, or subscribe through iTunes. But for those of you who […]Related Articles:Playing with Money EnergyYou are “the One”Get Right with MoneyLove Changes Everything (Even Money)One Practice for 2012
  • The $25,000 Hole in My Budget

    12 Jul 2014 | 2:43 pm
    $25,200. My nine year old asked me a few weeks ago what color my hair REALLY is. That question (as many of her questions do) shook me awake. Her question invited me into an exploration of my relationship with my own beauty and the cultural ideas of beauty that are everywhere – and the financial cost […]Related Articles:A woman who investsYour TRUE VisionThe REAL TreatThe Nature of MoneyThe healing power of curiosity
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    Good Vibe Blog

  • “How Did I Align to This?”

    Good Vibe Coach
    28 Sep 2014 | 12:50 pm
    Conscious creators know that we create our entire world and that we can only experience what we vibrate. Which is why it can be so disconcerting when things go wrong, like when … our health takes a nosedive we’re involved in an accident we get fired at work a love affair turns out poorly. I know I’m not the only manifestor who has wondered, “How in the world was I aligned to that?!” when something crappy happens. After all, we’re LOA savvy people! We know to cultivate a positive focus and lead with what feels good. This is the sort of stuff that happens to…
  • Story Crafting in Manifesting

    Good Vibe Coach
    22 Sep 2014 | 2:09 pm
    It struck me the other day that molding a story is an art form, much like molding clay. In fact, did you see this guy? Mustafa knows how to work the clay: Post by Çini Oyma Sanatı Mehmet. I thought of him when talking with a friend who was worried about her medical test results. When her blood test falls within a certain range, the doctors run her through the gamut of additional tests to see if her disease has returned. She gets nervous for it every time, afraid the news won’t be good. (She’s done a couple rounds of this already.) She said it’s like playing Russian…
  • My Top 7 Manifesting Books

    Good Vibe Coach
    19 Sep 2014 | 2:29 pm
    While it was Adrian Calabrese and Lynn Grabhorn who introduced me to conscious creation, and while I consider Ask And It Is Given the LOA bible, the books listed below are the ones that remain at my fingertips for their enduring inspiration: 1. The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn “Finding the words that click” is the core of Flo’s message, and is the foundational skill of my manifesting practice. Plus, I think she’s super cool. 2. The Works of Neville No one says it quite like Neville, and his work gets to the heart of creating powerful results. Many savvy creators…
  • Q&A: Is Everything Really Possible?

    Good Vibe Coach
    15 Sep 2014 | 12:41 pm
    Got a question today from a reader who wants to know exactly what’s possible when it comes to manifesting our desires … (This is a timely subject for me since I wrote a newsletter this morning about what I manifested over the years that I didn’t believe in.) And just yesterday I listened to Joel Osteen tell the biblical story of Sarah’s baby delivery well after her child-bearing years. That’s an extreme example of something that I’m sure many would question. But I think that’s what it all comes down to … what are we willing to believe in and…
  • All Money Is Not Created Equal

    Good Vibe Coach
    11 Sep 2014 | 11:22 am
    Most people create their money to be something they don’t actually want. They make it scarce, hard to come by, too easily parted with, a source of frustration, corruptive and lots of other things that aren’t so lovely. Most don’t know they’re doing that – they just think that’s how it is. But for those of us who know we create everything – from our health to our relationships to the traffic flow to the rainbows and unicorns and the nightly news – those of us know we create ALL of it have an opportunity to play with a different kind of money. We…
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    Dave Ursillo

  • By The Time You Will Have Read This

    Dave Ursillo
    29 Sep 2014 | 6:00 am
    By the time you will have read this, I am miles away. Grown. Changed. Many steps, far gone. That’s how it works, this writer’s game. What words I share are few. What words I speak are fewer. And by the time you will have read what I say, my soul will have already moved on. The lessons shared, I’ve already outgrown them. The pains revealed, already healed. The hopes and the dreams expire too, and new ones have already slid into place. That’s why what I write, I never fear. No secrets I speak can be used against me. No old wounds shared could be opened again. No…
  • Markers Along the Journey: How to Find Your Path When the Journey Changes

    Dave Ursillo
    22 Sep 2014 | 6:01 am
    I write you today with a late summer sun dipping behind me. My shadow falls evenly across my laptop, screen fogged by the light, as my fingers tap at the keyboard. The days are shorter now in Southern New England, and the nights are cooler. Autumn is here, and I must face the inevitable. Another winter is inbound. I may be a solar-powered human for my love of sun, and light, and long days that never end. But here with winter looming, I must accept that the brightness is destined to get dimmer. It’s a change I hate to accept. I want to fight it and curse the Universe. But I know deep…
  • 10 Books that Will Inspire You to Travel

    Dave Ursillo
    15 Sep 2014 | 6:01 am
    Two weeks after publishing my latest book Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun, I’ve found myself in many conversations about travel and adventure with readers, family and friends. Today, I thought it would be fun to round up a collection of the best travel- and adventure-based books that have been recommended to me by readers and friends in some of those conversations. No doubt, these books will inspire you to travel and make adventures of your own. Better yet, they might help to remind each of us that the journey doesn’t stop when the travel ends–we need to…
  • Book Launch! Photos! And 3 Passages to Inspire Authentic Living

    Dave Ursillo
    8 Sep 2014 | 6:00 am
    Last Tuesday, I celebrated the debut of my new book, Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun with family, friends and readers with a book launch soirée at Symposium Books, a stellar local bookstore in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. It was fun to spend time with loved ones and friends, and truly an honor to share the stories behind this book of stories. These 15 essays in Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun tell tales of love, heartbreak, the pursuit of happiness, adventure, moments of hilarity and moments of immense victory across 10 hours of time zones and 13,000 miles of…
  • A 13,000-Mile Journey: Launch Day for My Newest Book

    Dave Ursillo
    2 Sep 2014 | 6:00 am
    What does it mean to live a life that’s true to your purpose? From 2012 to 2013, I traveled across 13,000 miles to understand what it means to make my life’s journey my greatest reward. Today, the stories, essays and adventures from those 13,000 miles of travel are finally revealed in my new book, Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun! From New York City’s East Village to the beaches of Hawaii and the mystical landscapes of Iceland, Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun is a collection of 15 essays written across a 13,000-mile journey of adventure in pursuit of…
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    Life-Long Learner

  • Abundant Joy: How To Be The Happiest Person In The Room

    29 Sep 2014 | 12:39 pm
    Click here to get exclusive access to this conversation on Itunes Two months ago I realized I’ve been doing my gratitude practice at about 25% of what it could be… I fell into this new ritual kind of by accident, but I’ve never been happier and held a more persistent sense of inner joy since I started this so I had to share it with you. I feel like I’ve beat this into the ground, but happiness (and everything else) is an inside job. To be filled with joy is a decision rooted in your ability to properly and consistently take an empowering perspective. Even though I…
  • Inside the Mind of A Dreams Dealer with Steve Sims – TCE 044

    25 Sep 2014 | 8:45 am
    Click here to get exclusive access to this conversation on Itunes Tell me if any of these things sound cool… Riding exotic cars across the Mojave desert, traveling to space…getting to play a concert with Journey! I’ve always been a fan of spending my money on experiences versus stuff and I’m pretty sure today’s guest would agree. I’m so pumped to have Steve Sims, the founder of Blue Fish which is the premier executive concierge service in the world. Steve is what I call a dreams dealer. If you can think of an experience you want for you life, he figures out a way to create…
  • How to Make A Killer First Impression With Ben Altman – TCE 043

    22 Sep 2014 | 10:09 pm
    Click here to get exclusive access to this conversation on Itunes Ever met someone that left you inspired, energized and impressed? What was it about their behavior that left you feeling that way? Today we’re going to decode the art of making a killer first impression with my buddy Ben Altman. Ben is the founder of Charisma on Command and my ol roomie in Brazil. After going from average joe to social powerhouse by working on himself for 5+ years Ben now teaches presentation skills to people all over the world. And what presentation is more impactful than making a killer first…
  • MasterMind Talks: The Recipe for Creating A World Class Event with Jayson Gaignard – TCE 042

    17 Sep 2014 | 6:47 pm
    Click here to get exclusive access to this conversation on Itunes When I moved back to the U.S. I traveled to a bunch of different cities to see friends and meet people that I’ve wanted to connect with for awhile. On this roadtrip, I kept hearing some of my entrepreneur friends mention this thing they went to  called Mastermind Talks… Multiple friends said it was the best event they ever went to and it was well worth every penny…and this wasn’t a 15 dollar meetup group either! My friends who went paid thousands of dollars to go to it. So after about the 3rd time someone…
  • Upgrading Your Productivity Using Virtual Assistants with Maren Kate Donovan – TCE 041

    11 Sep 2014 | 8:11 am
    Click here to get exclusive access to this conversation on Itunes It is a big day competitive edge listeners. Why you ask? Because today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics – Virtual Assistants. I started working with virtual assistants two years ago and it’s changed my life. I get more done and get to do more of what I enjoy and who doesn’t want that! Today’s guest is Maren Kate Donovan CEO of one of my favorite companies, Zirtual. Zirtual is where I got my first dedicated virtual assistant and since using them I haven’t looked back. In this episode, you’ll…
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    Sonia Rumzi» Baba Rumcake

  • Laying Down of Your Life

    Baba Rumcake
    10 Sep 2014 | 3:43 am
    Before you consider laying your life down for your fellow man, consider laying yourself down daily in the small things of life. Our need to be first overrides our sensibilities resulting in the small infractions of life. Stepping aside for someone on the same small sidewalk or pavement instead of fighting for the narrow space could be one. Walking behind a car at the light instead of in front of it, could save the driver time wasted, waiting for you to cross on foot in front of the car. It might delay you two seconds but it gives you the opportunity to allow someone the advantage over you for…
  • Allowing Dog to Piddle In Tennis Courts

    Baba Rumcake
    22 Jan 2012 | 11:19 am
    Dear Baba Rumcake, I was admonished by a man in the tennis courts because my wonderful and very old dog Ruff peed on the net. I apologized for my dog’s mishap but he kept shouting at me. He even suggested I should come back with a towel to clean under the net. I was very upset with the encounter. I felt harassed and worried for my safety. I quickly exited the chain link fence and headed out. How should I have dealt with this? How should I deal with it next time? Concerned in Oahu Dear Concerned, I’m even calling you dear much to my consternation and dismay. You walked your dog,…
  • Library Guard Told Me To Be Quiet

    Baba Rumcake
    7 Jan 2012 | 12:00 am
    Dear Baba Rumcake I was in the library with my son who is mentally challenged. We were doing homework and the woman in the next table kept giving me dirty looks. To top it off, the guard came and told me to keep it down since other people were working. I felt offended. Do you think they should be allowed to shush me? My son has a right to do his homework. What do you think? Irate Dear Irate….ummmm Looking for Sympathy What the hell is wrong with you! Are you stupid or is this just a joke? If your son can do homework, it is very probable he can follow directions. In which case you can…
  • Glaring At My Husband

    Baba Rumcake
    2 Jan 2012 | 10:54 am
    Dear Baba Rumcake, Don’t you love it when people give you dirty looks because, you are, there? My husband, who is very sweet and very kind, to everyone I might add, happened to be standing, waiting to take his seat. This woman, stood before his chair, not paying attention to him at all and she was upset, when she noticed. He did not hassle her. Nor ask her to move, nothing. She walked out after snatching her coffee giving him looks that would kill. What gives? Annoyed Dear Annoyed, Egocentricity, that is the quintessential problem that permeates the whole country. You ran into a woman…
  • Do Not Need My Husband

    Baba Rumcake
    27 Jun 2011 | 2:49 am
    Dear Baba Rumcake, I remember when I was with my first bf (together for 8 years), I was so in love and I was never tired of seeing him. We dated from high school to college. So we were young and we didn’t have much going on in our lives except school. Now I am married (4 years) with a child. I can’t tell if I am still in love with my husband. Most of the time, I feel like I don’t need him. I am perfectly fine with my child. I wonder if it’s because now I have a career, and a child, and being in a love relationship is no longer a priority to me? Needing Sparks Dear…
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    Ridiculously Efficient | Superhuman Productivity

  • Disappearing Office Forces You to Stop at 6 PM

    Marissa Brassfield
    29 Sep 2014 | 12:04 pm
    Photo: HeldergroenAmsterdam design studio Heldergroen has an approach to work-life alignment that we at Ridiculously Efficient can definitely get behind: a disappearing office in which the desks vanish at 6 p.m. each day.You read that right. The workspaces are all connected to the ceiling with strong steel cables. When it’s quitting time, a simple key turn lifts the spaces into the sky and out of reach.Technically, this theatre-inspired infrastructure serves a functional purpose: at nights and on weekends, the space is free to be used as a yoga studio, dance floor, cocktail reception,…
  • Stressed Out? Take a Walk

    Marissa Brassfield
    24 Sep 2014 | 7:15 am
    (CC) St0rmz/FlickrThe best way to beat stress, according to new research, is to get a group together and take a walk.The large-scale study was a joint effort by researchers at the University of Michigan, De Montfort University, Edge Hill University and the James Hutton Institute. They studied just under 2,000 Walking for Health program participants and discovered that these group nature walks had a myriad of mental health benefits: less perceived stress, lower depression and improved well-being.Researchers saw the biggest mental health improvements in people who recently endured a significant…
  • Hit Your Numbers: Happy Employees = Results

    Rosemina Nazarali
    20 Sep 2014 | 9:00 am
    This is a guest post by Faeeza Masood.Research shows that happier workers are more productive, and more productive workers are better at hitting their numbers. According to Teresa Amabile’s research, workers are most motivated and productive when they can see progress toward their goals. Through an analysis of 12,000 diary entries, the common thread to happiness among 76 percent of participants was progress, even incremental, towards an end goal. This research is critically important in that it makes clear that the secret towards obtaining your calculated figures lies in motivating…
  • Meeting Expectations: Do We Need a “Wasted Time” Fine?

    Marissa Brassfield
    19 Sep 2014 | 12:40 pm
    © JcJg Photography – Fotolia.comIf I look at my published work over the years, I’m quite hard on meetings. But I still believe they’re a powerful team productivity tool.The trouble is that we’ve become complacent about meetings. Somewhere along the line, we were taught that an in-person meeting (or, increasingly, a videoconference) is the only way to get things done in groups.Complacency enables stagnancy. And, as Peter Diamandis says, standing still equals death. So what used to be effective standups, or weekly check-ins, or project reviews, slowly devolve.
  • How Your Mood Swings Are Getting in the Way of Your Productivity

    Rosemina Nazarali
    17 Sep 2014 | 12:50 pm
    Procrastination is one of those things that always seems to be brought on by a list of excuses we tell ourselves. Sometimes it’s because we are perfectionists, at other times we will blame a project’s disorganization. While there might be some truth, our excuses are usually just that — a means to get us out of doing something we just don’t want to do. One of the reasons for procrastination often gets overlooked, but is probably the most common culprit, and it’s as simple as our moodRecent research outlined by Derek Thompson in The Atlantic cites that…
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    Personal Excellence

  • Ask Celes – I’m Getting Married and I’m Afraid of My Wife Seeing My Private Parts. Help?

    17 Sep 2014 | 3:04 am
    Dear Celes, I am a 25-year old man. I am facing the biggest crisis in my life as I am going to get married. My brief background would make it clear. When I was a kid, around 10, my female cousin (around the same age) and I would sleep together. On one such occasion, her hand accidentally touched my thigh and felt something bulging. She asked me what it was. In my child-like, innocent enthusiasm I opened my shorts and she saw my erect p****. She got excited and started rocking it, saying that she had now seen my ‘shame-shame’. Later, in the same excitement, she told all this to…
  • Aha Moments: How World Icons Got their Ideas and Inspiration [Infographic]

    11 Sep 2014 | 4:07 pm
    Hi everyone!! I apologize for the lack of updates! While I originally thought that I would have all the time in the world to create new content on PE after my wedding, as it turned out, I’ve been busy with moving into my new home (done), furnishing it (done; will be recording new Celes.TV video with house tour soon), and now loaded with a series of projects (the current live run of Anti-Procrastination Course which will last till mid-Oct, business collaborations, multiple one-to-one coaching clients, and an upcoming workshop engagement), among the admin work of managing a business.
  • What’s on Your Bucket List? 101 Things To Do Before You Die

    28 Aug 2014 | 2:28 pm
    “Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross “The only people who fear death are those with regrets.” ~ Author Unknown A few days ago, I was surfing online when I came across someone’s bucket list. It quickly inspired me to create my own list and write an article about it at the same time. What’s a Bucket List? If you haven’t heard about the term “bucket list”, it is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to experience before you die. Why Create a Bucket List?
  • Write a Letter to Your Future Self (Review of my Past Letters and Tips to Write Your Letter!)

    22 Aug 2014 | 4:20 am
    Writing a letter to your future self is a concept I first wrote about in 2009, in my article of the same name. It is also the task for Day 29 of Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program. As I was recently reviewing the letters from my past self (in 2008) and writing my next batch of letters to my future selves, I thought it’s the perfect chance to record a video tutorial of the process and show you guys how you can do the same too! Watch the video below (please leave a “like” on my YouTube video page if you want more videos like this!): (If you’re unable to see the…
  • “I’ll do this tomorrow.” 5 Procrastination Lies We Tell Ourselves, Debunked

    19 Aug 2014 | 10:35 am
    Do you have a habit of procrastinating? In my years of working with coachees to bust their procrastination, I’ve found five deep-seated “lies” that we tend to tell ourselves, so that we feel better about procrastinating. I call these “lies” because they’re often untrue, and merely justifications to help us feel better about procrastinating. See if you identify with any of the below. Procrastination Lie #1: “I’ll do this tomorrow/later.” (Or “I don’t have enough time.”) How many of us say this to ourselves?
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    The Blurbler

  • How butter and cheese can keep you slim - and even ward off diabetes

    Mick Gill
    23 Sep 2014 | 2:20 am
    How butter and cheese can keep you slim - and even ward off diabetes Read More
  • Often go to bed late? It could leave you with a chronic sleep disorder

    Mick Gill
    23 Sep 2014 | 2:16 am
    Often go to bed late? It could leave you with a chronic sleep disorder Read More
  • Signposts Start Over: Start Over Shelter (SOS) serving the Homeless in Luton

    Mick Gill
    10 May 2014 | 3:58 pm
    Signposts Start Over: Start Over Shelter (SOS) serving the Homeless in Luton  The Opening of the Start Over Shelter (SOS) in Luton will be on Monday 12 th May 2014. The SOS will provide  12 beds crisis accommodation ...  Why you should Donate!
  • 1 May 2014 | 10:07 pm

    Mick Gill
    1 May 2014 | 10:07 pm
    LIQUID METAL shown to reconnect severed nerves in a frog
  • 29 Apr 2014 | 4:01 pm

    Mick Gill
    29 Apr 2014 | 4:01 pm
    Forget sharks! Mosquitoes are the world's deadliest animals
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    Thad Thoughts

  • Going to the Next Level

    Thad Puckett
    29 Sep 2014 | 6:15 am
    One of the experienced and prolific bloggers that I follow recently challenged his readers to write about their “Next Level”, meaning what would it take to move this blog to a higher level of readers and influence. This is a great challenge, to think through what actions have to be taken in order to see a significant change in my writing.  1. I need to maintain my consistency in reading, blocking out time to not only read things across the web, but to spend longer periods of time reading books. A short attention span is the curse of a connected digital world. Being consistent in…
  • Evernote Makes Small Business Better

    Thad Puckett
    26 Sep 2014 | 6:30 am
    Small business is most often over-busy, over-worked and under-resourced.  Too much to do, too few people to do it, and too few hours in the day. So the likelihood of missed opportunities can be high simply because of busy-ness. Add in to that mix even a slight bit of disorganization, and you have can have a disaster. Yes, there are myriad numbers of new digital tools available to the small business owner, but in many ways the sheer number of them can be bewildering. Cloud based tools? Web apps?  Phone apps?  It can be overwhelming. But there is one digital tool that can create order from…
  • 4 Ways to Increase Productivity

    Guest Writer
    24 Sep 2014 | 6:30 am
    Guest post by Mark Persall.  This post originally appeared at, a blog Mark and I collaborated previously. Refueling inflight has become common practice for large payload aircraft. When the purpose of the flight is to carry significant weight the aircraft sacrifices fuel weight for cargo. Being able to refuel inflight saves time. The plane can go longer distances. Most senior leaders I know awake each day with a large payload to carry. And usually they need to go for long periods of time. Back to back meetings are common place. Lunch breaks are replaced with lunch…
  • How To Keep Your House Warm This Winter

    Thad Puckett
    22 Sep 2014 | 6:00 am
    I remember the first winter after our wedding.  We were living in north Texas, which at least once or twice a season will get a real blast of winter.   It may change in a day or so, but for a few days it would always be bitter cold. One day a winter storm was forecast to blow in.  We knew the apartment was drafty and hard to keep heated well (electric heat just wasn’t all that efficient in the 80s). But the morning we woke up to a small drift of snow having blown inside the apartment by the closed door we knew we had a problem.  And the high electric bills didn’t help. So…
  • Interview with Self-Pay Patient Expert Sean Parnell

    Thad Puckett
    19 Sep 2014 | 6:30 am
    One of the best parts about blogging is developing relationships with people from very different locations and different walks of life. One such blogging friendship that I’ve developed in the past year has been with one of the leading voices in the world of self-pay health care. Sean Parnell is an author and field expert who graciously agreed to do an interview for my blog. 1. Sean, I have gotten to know you as a blogger, but you’ve got a day job. What is your “normal” job? I run an independent public policy consulting firm, most of my clients are nonprofits. My major clients…
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    Sacred Earth Partners Training and Retreat Center

  • PDR 36 – Why the Fortune Really Is In the Follow Up! with Janice Porter

    Lori Lynn Smith
    25 Sep 2014 | 10:13 pm
    Show Topic: Why the Fortune Really Is In the Follow Up!   Special Guest: Janice Porter Many sales are lost because of poor or no follow up.  It is a proven fact that follow up needs to be consistent and systematic – whether you just met someone at a networking event, connected with them on LinkedIn, or worked with them last season – you NEED to stay connected to them.   Janice Porter will share 3 effective follow up strategies that work and some bonus tips as well.   Listen Here: Stitcher : Here BlogTalkRadio: Here…
  • PDR 35 – The Coma Whisperer with Susan Fox

    Lori Lynn Smith
    22 Sep 2014 | 10:39 am
    Show Topic: The Coma Whisperer Call in Number: (347) 637-3175 Special Guest: Susan Fox Susan Fox, AA, Brain Dialog Researcher, Consulting Hypnotist and minister is the author of The Coma Whisperer (Amazon) and Brainview:  What Does Your Brain Think of You?  Susan has helped thousands of people calmly prepare and experience the crossing over experience.  She’s here today to give you tips about the life and death experience no human can avoid. Learn more about the book Here: The Coma Whisperer   Listen Here: Stitcher : Here…
  • PDR 34 – Permission Slip to Live Your Dreams with Lori Lynn Smith

    Lori Lynn Smith
    20 Sep 2014 | 10:07 pm
      Show Topic: Permission Slip to Live Your Dreams Call in Number: (347) 637-3175 Show Topic: Permission Slip to Live Your Dreams Special Guest: Lori Lynn Smith Finding and Aligning with your soul purpose Systems for moving toward your dream life Clearing emotional baggage that may be getting in the way Leveling up your thoughts and vibes Actions that you need to propel you forward Show Notes: Hashtag: #PassionDivaRadio Call in Number: (347) 637-3175   Spread the Love: If you want an easy way to show you love…
  • Believing in Yourself

    Lori Lynn Smith
    15 Sep 2014 | 8:33 pm
      Have you ever thought about how much believing in yourself makes a difference in your quality of life? A strong belief in yourself can bring you all these benefits and more:   You recognize your ability to accomplish goals. You’re optimistic about the future as you set goals and achieve them. Deep down inside, you know you can do anything. You treat yourself kindly. You feel uplifted and more satisfied with life. You’re motivated to get things done. You have faith, no matter what. You see and enjoy the abundance around you. Others feel attracted to you. Wouldn’t you love to…
  • How to Use Habits to Reach Your Goals

    Lori Lynn Smith
    13 Sep 2014 | 8:28 pm
    One of the keys to reaching a new goal is to have habits in place that support that goal. If your current habits are counter-productive, you’ll need to change them or run the risk of coming up short. How do habits help you reach your goals? Suppose you have the goal of running a marathon: if you don’t already have the habit of running regularly, you’re unlikely to be successful until you can adopt that habit. Running regularly can help you attain your goal in several ways, including getting you in great physical shape and strengthening your endurance. Developing supportive…
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    Social Hacks

  • Is Poor Internet Performance Compromising Your Business?

    20 Sep 2014 | 2:09 am
    We’ve all heard the business cliché about time equalling money and its modern equivalent, “Money never sleeps”, just as we know the age old proverb, “Time waits for no man”, but what if there was that one factor we could control, something allowing us to seemingly cheat Old Father Time and consequently improve a business’ performance. What if I was to tell you that one factor was a simple fix, something often overlooked due to its ostensibly complex nature and unnecessary esoteric jargon? The 21st century has introduced a vast array of technological advances to the business…
  • Keep Your Business Head In The Clouds With NetSuite

    20 Sep 2014 | 2:05 am
    What Is NetSuite? To fully understand NetSuite and all of its benefits and functions, you first need to take a few steps back and overlook its ostensibly complex features by focussing on its overall and fundamental goal: to run a business efficiently and economically online from one single piece of computer software. Compounding further on this broad summary, still keeping it simple yet simultaneously highlighting just how easy NetSuite software is to utilize, think of it as a system capable of storing all company data in a one database. All information and analytical data is accessed via a…
  • How To Use Social Media When You Are Moving To a New Place

    6 Nov 2012 | 12:23 am
    Moving to a new place is an important decision which requires extensive planning and preparation in advance. You can move to a new place either by yourself or you can avail the services of a moving company. Your moving experience depends a lot on the moving company you choose (if you are hiring a moving company). Before zeroing in on one company you need to do a thorough research both online and offline. You can refer to the client testimonials to get idea about the long distance moving companies and accordingly decide. You must also ask for referrals from the moving company and call them. I…
  • 10 Ways To Hack Your Dress Code For a Job Interview

    2 Sep 2012 | 9:15 pm
    Dressing and getting ready for a job interview is one of the most nerve wracking things that you have to do. Aside from your wedding day it’s probably the most thought and effort that you put into your appearance. I’ve personally seen CEOs check out of interviews and not say a word beyond “hi” when someone showed up dressed way too casually, or even if they had on tennis shoes instead of dress shoes. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. There are some really good, simple rules to follow to take some of the worry out of dressing for an interview and will take a bit of the stress…
  • How To Use Video In The Classroom For Smarter Teaching

    8 Aug 2012 | 10:43 pm
    Video is a powerful tool. If a picture alone is worth 1,000 words, imagine how powerful a video can be. As such, videos have been a part of the classroom culture for as long as they’ve been easily accessible. Everyone remembers video day in school, when the teacher would turn town the lights, start a video…and the rest of class become a social hour. But wait, I hardly think that last part is what the teacher had in mind when she decided to show a video in class. When used correctly, videos provide a great way to stimulate discussion and increase a student’s understanding of a topic. We…
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    BucketListly Blog

  • Magical Things Happen WhenYou Have Nothing to Do There is no...

    30 Sep 2014 | 7:01 am
    Magical Things Happen WhenYou Have Nothing to Do There is no denying that with the overload of information we have in our hands, there is an urge to try and control everything around us. From planning your itinerary down right to the last detail to booking everything months before your travel. This gives us a false sense of control and expectation and when things don’t go as planned (which they often do), you are usually left disappointed. When you try to control your travel, you lose the opportunity to experience the unexpected, which is often where magical things happen that makes…
  • Japan Part 5: Road trip in Kumamoto with Friends And we have...

    23 Sep 2014 | 7:00 am
    Japan Part 5: Road trip in Kumamoto with Friends And we have finally come to the last part of the Solo Traveler’s Journal #10 about Japan. It has been a long ride since the first part where I climbed Mt Fuji! In this part, I decided to change the pace a little, and met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for 10 years since school. We decided to meet at the Kumamoto arcade area after I arrived in the city. It was definitely a good change of pace after traveling alone in this country for so long. Since my friend has been an English teacher in the JET program for a year now, a little…
  • Japan Part 4: Kyoto and Gion Matsuri For the first time in my...

    16 Sep 2014 | 7:01 am
    Japan Part 4: Kyoto and Gion Matsuri For the first time in my travel, I came to Kyoto without a plan. I decided to give myself some rooms for whatever opportunities that may come my way, and man, was I glad I did it. It was July 2014 when I was there and in July every year, Kyoto celebrates the Gion Matsuri, one of the most famous festival in Japan. The city is crowned with a parade on the 17th and 24th of July, and 2 nights leading to the parade, the streets of Gion district are reserved for pedestrians and street vendors. The streets are lined with night stalls selling all kinds of food and…
  • Japan Part 3: Exploring the Wilderness of Nikko What surprised...

    9 Sep 2014 | 7:01 am
    Japan Part 3: Exploring the Wilderness of Nikko What surprised me most about Japan is how they are able to preserve such a huge areas of nature while they are currently running out of space in cities like Tokyo. If it were other countries, they would have exhausted and exploited the land until there is nothing left. Nikko is a town serves as a proof that the Japanese know what they are doing since this little town is located just 2 hours away from Tokyo and contains large areas of well preserved forests, mountains, waterfalls and walking trails and hikes for all type of travelers. When I was…
  • Introducing BucketListly Photos It was not long ago since I...

    1 Sep 2014 | 6:14 am
    Introducing BucketListly Photos It was not long ago since I first bought a real camera and started capturing little details and moments of the world while traveling solo around Asia. Photography has always been an after thought for me because with my time spent mostly working on my 2 startups (Travelistly and BucketListly) and with so many photographers already out there I didn’t think it was wise to get into it back then. But as I traveled to places, I realized how naive I was to rely on camera phones to capture one the best moments of my life. That was when I decided to buy a Sony RX100,…
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  • 10 awesome home gadgets people rarely use

    23 Sep 2014 | 7:56 am
    This list contains 10 domestic gadgets that proved themselves to be unexpectedly useful and enjoyable. I’m not going to list such things as iPhone or Nespresso, since they are widely known, and if someone doesn’t use them it’s for either financial or ideological reasons. Most of the listed gadgets have been on the market for a while, but still many people don’t know about them or doubt that the purchase will be worth it. So, I’m going to name the things that I’m using and that (in my opinion) are WORTH IT. The images used, and the links and descriptions are…
  • Graze box free code

    23 Jul 2014 | 12:27 pm
    Graze is a new service that offers a subscription to a delivery of healthy snacks by post in UK. The idea is having convenient & healthy, pre-portioned snacks sent direct to you in the post. The boxes are designed to encourage you to munch on goodness throughout the day, instead of fatty biscuits and crisps. It’s definitely more healthy than most things you’ll find in an office vending machine. Original price for one time delivery is £3.99 I received a Graze box free code from a friend and signed up for a free first glaze box (you have to cancel the subscription online to stop…
  • Emmy 2014 predictions

    11 Jul 2014 | 1:01 pm
    TV series watchers might have seen the list of Emmy nominations. Who, do you think, should have it? Here’s my list. All Emmy 2014 predictions are based on personal opinions, interviews with the actors and occasional watching experience :) Drama Series: Winner: “True Detective” (HBO) Nominees: “Breaking Bad” (AMC) “Downton Abbey” (PBS) “Game of Thrones” (HBO) “House of Cards” (Netflix) “Mad Men” (AMC) “True Detective” (HBO) Last year’s winner: Breaking Bad Lead Actress in a Drama Series Winner: Lizzy Caplan, “Masters of Sex” Nominees:…
  • Get free money from Payoneer: request $100 to get paid

    10 Jul 2014 | 7:34 am
    Payoneer is a US Payment Request Service allows you to send requests for payments to US companies. It’s easy! Just send a US payment request of $100 by July 31st 2014, and you can be one of the ten winners who will actually receive $100, courtesy of Payoneer. To use US Payment Request Service for payment requests just fill in the details of the company you want to get paid by, then fill in the amount of money to request — and you’re done!
  • GoDaddy promo code 2014 to get 35% off

    31 May 2014 | 6:20 am
    Since this might be useful to many of you who plan to purchase a domain, here’s a promo code 2014. I’ve been purchasing a domain for my new project and when I saw the “promo code” box on GoDaddy (as many of you surely do, too) my first thought was googling it out. But a moment later I remembered that months ago I got my very own promo code to share in this blog, but I’ve never used this opportunity before. GoDaddy promo code 2014: WOWJUCKE It’s perfect, works all year long, and gives you an instant 35% off your order. You just have to paste this…
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    Raheel Farooq

  • Coffee – A Glimpse into the Origin of Vitality

    Raheel Farooq
    29 Sep 2014 | 5:56 pm
    The Origin: Coffee originated in Africa, certainly. But when, how, no one knows for sure. There are legends however. One, for instance, tells that a Yemenite Sufi mystic Al Shadhili observed unusually vibrant energy of the local birds while visiting Ethiopia, and upon research, found coffee beans which the birds ate. The Word: The Arabs… Read More The post Coffee – A Glimpse into the Origin of Vitality appeared first on Raheel Farooq.
  • Top Reasons of a Negative Approach towards Life

    Raheel Farooq
    28 Sep 2014 | 5:37 pm
    There are some around me, and certainly around you, who always seem to perceive life as nothing more or less than a continual process of dying every day. They think it is too difficult to remain happy in the world of reality. Sometimes, when I’ve tried to persuade them otherwise, I’ve felt that they also… Read More The post Top Reasons of a Negative Approach towards Life appeared first on Raheel Farooq.
  • Power of Self Belief – From Meditation Myths to a Life of Peace

    Raheel Farooq
    27 Sep 2014 | 5:05 pm
    “Liberty is instantaneous the moment we accept things as they are.” ~ Karen Maezen Miller My personal nadir awaken call came some years ago when, in spite of having accomplished all of my professional and personal goals, I realized that I still wasn’t satisfied, content or experiencing peace of mind. Feeling irritated and frustrated, I… Read More The post Power of Self Belief – From Meditation Myths to a Life of Peace appeared first on Raheel Farooq.
  • Ideologies and Humans

    Raheel Farooq
    26 Sep 2014 | 4:32 pm
    Beliefs, ideologies, philosophies, religions, creeds, dogmas, theories… And, humans! Everything in the first list is dead. And the only member of the second is alive. As you know, the alive have always treated the dead according to their wishes and whims. So do we, the humans, with our beliefs, ideologies, philosophies, religions, creeds, dogmas and… Read More The post Ideologies and Humans appeared first on Raheel Farooq.
  • Do You Know the 5 Tenets of Online Job Search?

    Raheel Farooq
    25 Sep 2014 | 4:06 pm
    With the advent of internet, the art of searching jobs has been literally revolutionized. You don’t need anymore to get your CV typewritten, envelope it, drop it in the letterbox, and set on the apparently never-ending journey of wait. You’re now able to get your resume set in minutes online, send it via email in… Read More The post Do You Know the 5 Tenets of Online Job Search? appeared first on Raheel Farooq.
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  • 25 Quotes to Inspire Confidence

    29 Sep 2014 | 3:12 pm
    If you wish you felt more confident, you’re not alone. Everyone experiences fear and uncertainty at some point in their lives. Everyone has a lack of confidence about something. If you are striving to do new things or pushing your boundaries, it can be difficult to stay confident, even if you’re usually a confident person. Unfortunately, confidence doesn’t just show up at your door one day, even though you may wish it would. In fact, confidence comes from trying new things, overcoming fear, and reaching for your dreams. For me, a good example is my lack of confidence around…
  • Find Purpose & Happiness Through a Pursuit, Plus: A Giveaway!

    21 Sep 2014 | 11:19 am
    Pursue your passion. That’s the traditional wisdom, right? But there’s more to it than just that. In his new book, The Happiness of Pursuit, Chris Guillebeau explains how you can also find a purpose in the pursuit of a quest. The book is based on his experience visiting 193 countries, and how the pursuit of that quest also gave him great purpose in life. Since I received two copies of the book from the publisher (thanks, Chris!), I’m giving away a hardback version of Chris’s book to one lucky reader! The contest details are at the end of this post. So what is a…
  • 5 Things You Should Know About Finding Your Purpose

    17 Sep 2014 | 4:42 pm
    I’ve been spending less time on my blog this summer. I guess you could say that I’ve been away on a long journey. Not the kind that requires a passport, but a long journey just the same. Most of the journey was spent finishing my master’s degree, researching and writing the massive paper required for my final thesis. I knew it would be a big, time-consuming project as I mentioned in this article about Climbing Your Own Mount Everest. What I didn’t realize was how much of my focus and energy it would take. As a result, I took a little break from blogging and…
  • 7 Things Successful People Never Say

    3 Jun 2014 | 11:26 am
    Have you ever noticed that the most successful people share a certain kind of attitude? For example, successful people don’t spend a lot of time complaining. They’re busy taking action and creating their success. As you read the following list, think about whether you hear yourself saying any of these things. If you do, consider how you might shift to a more positive and success-oriented point of view. 7 Things You Won’t Hear Successful People Say: 1. I’m completely overwhelmed: Successful people never say this because they guard their time and manage their energy.
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    Leading Edge Advocate

  • From Talking to Doing: How to Get Started on Your Life Goals

    24 Sep 2014 | 2:41 pm
    Are you getting anywhere with your goals? You know why right? It’s because all you do is talk about the life you want to live. You haven’t taken any action to make it happen. This reminds me of my friend’s situation. He wanted to buy a house. That was
  • The Trait You Need to Succeed

    11 Sep 2014 | 6:33 am
    My entire year of 12th grade was excited about my upcoming independence. Graduating high school meant that I was a full-fledged adult. I was of legal age and completed my education requirements. I would finally be in a place where I could begin to be my own person, take control
  • 7 Ways That Are Sure to Get You Through Tough Times

    27 Aug 2014 | 3:55 pm
    Aren’t you sick of tough times? Every time something comes up you just want to throw in the towel. It even has you reconsidering your plans and goals. That’s what happened when my mom got sick. Just a few weeks before I got the phone call that she experiencing
  • 6 Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier Than Ever

    13 Aug 2014 | 5:38 pm
    Don’t you wish your life was easier? Every time I would sit down on my couch to work from home, I just couldn’t get started. It was definitely something I needed to do. If I didn’t, it would mean more work later on. For some reason it was so hard
  • How to Find Time to Change Your Life

    30 Jul 2014 | 6:24 pm
    I know you’re so busy, everyone is. You can’t seem to get a moment to yourself. Every time you stop to take breather something else comes up that demands your immediate attention. The worse is when you think about going something for yourself but then you think about all the
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  • Cashpirate Money Making App Review

    5 Sep 2014 | 2:58 pm
    Cashpirate is an app where you can make money by carrying out simple tasks such as downloading apps, playing free games, completing surveys, watching videos and trying product trials. You can sign up for the money making service by downloading the app and entering your email address   How the system works Cashpirate works similar to Swagbucks where you accumulate points after carrying out the tasks. Once you reach the threshold you can then cash out for gift cards or receive cash via PayPal. Once a user earns 2,500 Cashpirate Referral codes Cashpirate has a lucrative referral system…
  • If you have a Website do not forget about Mobile Users

    30 Aug 2014 | 10:04 am
    This is a useful infographic for web users to recognize that there is a growing need to make your website responsive for your mobile users. Paid clicks by mobile users Also consider the fact that 23% of paid clicks are from mobile users. If you liked this infographic that I did not create, please share it with others on social media. The post If you have a Website do not forget about Mobile Users appeared first on Moneyjojo.
  • How to stay motivated as a blogger

    29 Aug 2014 | 12:56 pm
    Sometimes as a blogger it is difficult to remain motivated, especially when your blog may not be making any money for you or you think people are taking no notice of the content that you create. Most bloggers start blogging in order to make money while others do it to pass the time. It is often the case that blogs fail after 90 days as the burst of energy that goes into the first two month of blogging dissipates. The reasons why blogs fail Traffic results are low Every new domain needs time to be recognised by search engines such as Google and co. as reliable, trustworthy and to even…
  • How to get the best car fuel economy

    2 Aug 2014 | 1:45 pm
    Owning a car is definitely one of the most expensive luxuries that most people have. There are so many costs associated with having a car, especially in European countries such as Ireland and the United Kingdom where owners need to buy yearly insurance, tax, NCT (Ireland), and MOT (UK). Those are the costs that occur before you can start driving. You will incur parking charges along the way, tolls at motorways, costs for washing and cleaning your car, servicing costs and part replacement.   Do not forget that a car needs fuel in order to work. With global prices of oil, petrol and diesel…
  • How you can save money as a student

    20 Jul 2014 | 6:43 am
    One of the hardest things to do in life is to save money as a student. When you are trying to reach your goal of attaining that degree at college or university, there is no doubt that money will be one of the biggest problems that you will encounter. For many live at university will be the fist time that you will leave home, pay for rent, bills and food. Essentially you will experience the big bad world and learn how to manage for finances for the first time. There are however many ways in which you can manage and save money while at the same time enjoying university life and achieving your…
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    Life Stalker

  • Citizen Vs. Denizen

    Hemendra Kumar Saini
    26 Sep 2014 | 4:02 pm
    Denizen, the word has some kind of aura, and I need to admit it. I was descending into the world of Longfellow, and don't know when I encountered with this word. I was reading Longfellow's To A... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • The Difference Between Freelance and Professional Writer

    Hemendra Kumar Saini
    14 Sep 2014 | 2:24 am
    Freelance Vs. Professional Writer Sometimes, you feel like an absurd person, who don't have any kind of identity, and that's what happens to you when you enter into professional world. Switching from... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Hello September

    Hemendra Kumar Saini
    31 Aug 2014 | 1:51 pm
    Hello September Do you know? September starts from the same day of the week as December, every year i.e. If 1st of September is Monday so 1st of December will also be monday. And this is all... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • Momos Walla: Man Who Failed To Sell Momos

    Hemendra Kumar Saini
    27 Aug 2014 | 9:08 pm
    Momos Walla: Man Who Failed To Sell Momos He was standing still, in kind of fear, rather say fear of failure. He was asking everyone to taste his momos, but everyone was so busy that they simply... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
  • How To Deal with Obnoxious People

    Hemendra Kumar Saini
    1 Aug 2014 | 4:40 am
    Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive, it will take their breath away. There is some random guy in your college, work or even family, who always there to criticize, make you feel... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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  • McDonalds Secret Menu: McCrepe

    26 Sep 2014 | 10:36 am
        McDonald's Order the McDonald’s hot cakes and a yogurt parfait separately. Then fill the flapjack with yogurt, berries and granola. Voila! You can have your jazzed-up pancake and eat it, too. Be the first to comment... Related Posts:Starbucks Secret Menu: Black EyeMcDonald’s Big Mac Secret Sauce RecipeStarbucks Secret Menu: Affogato-Style FrappuccinoStarbucks Secret Menu: Tammy’s MistakeStarbucks Secret Menu: Strawberry Fields For-Never RSS Feed Powered by MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors BackThis Trick McDonalds Secret Menu: McCrepe comes from…
  • DIY Chocolate-Dipped Cone Coffee Cups

    26 Sep 2014 | 10:27 am
        Coffee Melt a 12-oz bag of chocolate chips w/ 1/4 cup coconut oil, then pour small amounts inside 6 ice cream cones. Swirl cones to coat inside. Repeat until covered. Turn upside down to dip rims. Place upright to harden, then add coffee or espresso. Be the first to comment... Related Posts:Easy Chocolate-Dipped Frozen BananasBrew coffee without a coffee makerDairy Queen Secret Menu: Chocolate Chip BlizzardRemove Stains from Coffee & Tea CupsStarbucks Secret Menu: Chocolate Cream Frappuccino RSS Feed Powered by MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors BackThis Trick…
  • Gluten Free? Try the French Fry Pizza!

    26 Sep 2014 | 9:59 am
        Pizza Build an even layer of French Fries in a circle (breaking up the fries as needed.) Add mozzarella cheese (which acts as the glue to hold your pizza together.) Bake for a few min, then remove it. Add sauce & toppings, then bake for a few more min. Be the first to comment... Related Posts:Make Gluten-Free BreadcrumbsUse Chickpeas in Place of Bread Crumbs in Meatloaf as a Gluten Free OptionStarbucks Secret Menu: Cafe au LaitPizza Hack: Pizza LollipopsDIY Gluten-Free Flour Using Oats RSS Feed Powered by MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors BackThis Trick Gluten…
  • How to Play Games in School

    25 Sep 2014 | 12:31 pm
        Computer Gaming go to for games unblocked at school. The site has math in its name so it stays unblocked but is actually full of games Be the first to comment... Related Posts:Make Your Camping Experience Healthy: Stay Active with CampingGet a KinectHow to get better at Call of Duty: GhostsHow to Play Racing Games on your PhoneHow to Join the Hunger Games RSS Feed Powered by MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors BackThis Trick How to Play Games in School comes from LifeTricks.
  • Fun Lunch for Kids: Threaded Spaghetti Hot Dog Bites

    25 Sep 2014 | 9:39 am
        Snacks & Quick Meals Ingredients • 1 pound thin spaghetti, broken in half • 8 hot dogs, cut into 6 pieces each Direction Boil a pot of water. Thread 5-7 spaghetti strands through each hot dog piece. Cook until pasta is al dente, about 6 min. Serve w/ sauce of choice. Be the first to comment... Related Posts:Old door knobs = towel rackAmmonia for Mosquito BitesEasy School Lunch to Pack for Your Kids: BLTA WrapEasy School Lunch to Pack for Your Kids: Turkey Salad RollsikioPut Your Fork Down Between Bites RSS Feed Powered by MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors…
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    High Performance Lifestyle

  • How To Stay Focused: 5 Steps To Boosting Concentration

    Kosio Angelov
    20 Sep 2014 | 7:44 am
    How well you’ve mastered the skill of how to stay focused on the task at hand is going to determine your level of success. If you are able to stay focused at work, or at school, and on your goals, you’ll be productive, you’ll get things done and you’ll reach your goals in record time. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. If you are constantly distracted, or multitasking all the time, you are preventing yourself from reaching the next level. The big question is: how can you stay focused in the age of distractions? In a time where there are so many constant demands…
  • How To Wake Up Early: The Secret of Crazy Successful People

    Kosio Angelov
    16 Sep 2014 | 8:42 am
    Getting up early is a trait that many successful people share. From famous people in history like Benjamin Franklin to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, Olympic athletes and artists to entertainers, singers and entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter) and Richard Branson, waking up early in the morning allows them to get a head-start. The big question is: how do they do it? And most importantly, how can YOU do it too? How can you wake up early and not fill tired, but instead, be energetic, happy and ready for new adventures? If you ever wondered (or even tried to be an “early…
  • How To Break Bad Habits Once And For All… Right Now

    Kosio Angelov
    15 Sep 2014 | 8:10 am
    The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your habits. Have enough good ones and you’ll be successful. Accumulate too many bad habits (such as biting your nails or excessive email checking) and you are headed for disaster. The big question is how to break bad habits? Why do you have them in the first place? How long does it take to break a habit? This video training provides all the answers: FREE Download: how ultra-successful people schedule their days (and how YOU can do it too) – get it here. Download the free audio podcast of this episode on iTunes. In this…
  • Never Fear Your Inbox Again: The Simple Guide To Stopping Email Overload

    Kosio Angelov
    2 Sep 2014 | 12:10 pm
    Download the free audio podcast of this episode on iTunes. FREE Download: how ultra-successful people schedule their days (and how YOU can do it too) – get it here. — Begin Transcript — Hey everyone, Kosio Angelov here, founder of High Performance Lifestyle, and welcome to another productivity-boosting training. In this one, I want to teach you something very practical, and that is how to reduce your email overload. Email Is Killing Your Productivity Before we get to that part, I want to give you a very, very shocking statistic. Here it is: according to recent studies, up to 28% of…
  • Steal This Trick: How To Set Realistic Deadlines

    Kosio Angelov
    26 Aug 2014 | 12:06 pm
    Download the free audio podcast of this episode on iTunes. FREE Download: how ultra-successful people schedule their days (and how YOU can do it too) – get it here. — Begin Transcript — Hey everyone, welcome to another productivity-boosting training with me, Kosio Angelov, founder of High Performance Lifestyle. In this episode, I want to teach you something very, very important and something that you can implement right away to skyrocket your productivity – and that is, how do you set realistic deadlines? The Power Of Realistic Deadlines Everybody knows that deadlines are…
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    albert van zyl

  • Direction matters more than speed

    albert van zyl
    28 Sep 2014 | 2:24 am
    I have been working two jobs for the last two months and it's  been hard. I'm in meetings for most of the working day. So I've been up really early to read, write and prepare for meetings. As a result even the time that I normally take to plan my day has been under pressure. A glib work associate quipped that planning is a waste of time that you could have used to do the stuff that you are planning for. And I was busy enough to think that perhaps he is right. But all that is nonsense and eventually I ended up with a hysterical amount of work to do and a mild case of hysteria brought…
  • The Geiger Counter method for making great to do lists

    albert van zyl
    27 Jul 2014 | 7:53 am
    To do lists are very helpful to keep us focused. But it is not only important to do things right; we should also make sure that we are doing the right things.To do lists cannot tell is what we should be doing. So how to decide what is most important and should be on our to do lists in the first place?Deep down we know what is most important and most urgent. That is what your mind and heart is trying to tell you when you can't sleep in the middle of the night! The challenge is just to access the 'deep down' in the light of day.One of the best ways to access our internal priority list is…
  • Welcoming the hardness of life

    albert van zyl
    19 Jul 2014 | 12:17 am
     Life can be hard. But we often make it even harder by resisting this fact. If you think that life should be easy, you are irritated and angry when life is hard. "It shouldn't be like this", we think. These thoughts create resistance. Ironically such resistance make life even harder.But who said life should be easy? And perhaps we can make it a little easier by not expecting it to be easy, by accepting life's hardness.This last week was a challenging week for me at work. I had to work with large groups of people that I had not worked with before and there were often unsurprising clashes…
  • Minding your own business and getting what you want

    albert van zyl
    5 Jul 2014 | 8:00 pm
    I have been working on Byron Katie's advice to mind my own business. This means that I focus on the things that are under my own control, not the things that are under others' control. Paradoxically I've found that this is massively empowering.I had a really bad bout of flu recently  and I spent four days in bed while on a work trip. Towards the end of it, I was completely sick of being on my own. I started feeling a little sorry for myself and a little resentful that no-one was coming to see me or phoning me. But this was clearly minding other peoples' business. Who they call and visit…
  • Meditation and looking at the clock

    albert van zyl
    4 Jul 2014 | 8:00 pm
    I've been meditating for about 20 years . A while ago I was chatting to a colleague who has taken up meditation quite recently. He mentioned that sometimes while he meditates he'll start wondering how much longer he has to go and will sneak a look at the clock. Blushes. I had to admit that after 20 years I still do that. Progress is not a concept that really seems to apply to meditation. All the shifts in calm, energy and insight that I have experienced have happened in such uneven plateaus and break throughs and regressions that any idea of progress seems nonsensical. The only progress…
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    Biohacking and Lifehacking Tips | ChinaBiohacker

  • 5 Reasons Why Food Tracking (Not Calorie Counting) Will Forever Change The Way You Eat

    Randy Wang
    23 Sep 2014 | 6:59 pm
    by Randy WangI’ve been tracking my meals consistently for the past nine months, and I can honestly say that the habit has completely changed the way I look at food. The more commonly used term for food tracking is “calorie counting”, but I avoid using that term since calories really shouldn't be the focus when deciding on what to eat. Instead the focus should be put on food quality and macronutrient content, which I’ll get into later.   Below are five reasons (from obvious to less obvious) why I think tracking your food — for even a brief period of time — can have a…
  • Low-Fat vs Low-Carb Diet: What's Healthier? (Video Compilation)

    Randy Wang
    6 Sep 2014 | 1:43 am
    by Randy Wang We seem to be at an interesting time in history for human nutrition.In the 1980's, the USDA declared that eating a diet low in fat was the healthy way to go, and most of world followed. This has led to a massive 30+ year experiment in which we are all guinea pigs taught to eat low-fat, high-carb diets.But with obesity and related health problems (e.g. diabetes, heart disease) only getting worse since the 1980's, the idea that a low-fat diet might not be so great is starting to sound less and less crazy.To think that the "experts" may have been wrong all this time still boggles…
  • Rice Bulking Update 2: How Gluten Kicked My Ass

    Randy Wang
    27 Aug 2014 | 6:45 pm
    by Randy WangThis is Update 2 of my bulking/weight-gain experiment. If you’ve missed the previous articles, you can catch up with Rice Bulking 0 and Rice Bulking 1.After gaining a respectable 2.2 kg of muscle and only 0.2 kg of fat in July by adding white rice to my formerly-low-carb routine, I decided to see what would happen to this weight-gain experiment if I replaced the rice with pasta instead.Why pasta? You’ve probably heard about the "gluten-free" craze that has taken the health and fitness world by storm in recent years. If you've ever wondered what the big deal is about gluten…
  • Niche Site Experiment Update: Is New Content Enough?

    Randy Wang
    14 Aug 2014 | 7:35 pm
    by Randy WangLast month I started a niche site experiment where I launched my very first WordPress website from scratch to learn about WordPress and search engine optimization (SEO). The site is, and the goal, in addition to learning, is to see how high I can rank in Google’s search results for the term “portable pull up bar”.  To be clear, I’m using this site as a learning tool and don’t expect it to generate much traffic or revenue -- search volume on Google for portable pull up bars isn’t very high. I chose to target this niche on a whim one day…
  • Rice Bulking Update: Bring On The Gluten

    Randy Wang
    1 Aug 2014 | 6:54 pm
    by Randy WangIt's been one month since I started my Rice Bulking Experiment. The goal here is to learn how to spend minimal time and effort to gain weight and muscle mass while staying lean.The reason I'm calling this a "rice bulk" is because I've been using white rice to make up for the increase in calories I need on top of my formerly-low-carb diet. White rice is inexpensive and easy to prepare in large batches. This has allowed me to keep the rest of my weekly routine relatively consistent in terms of meal prep.The overall routine in July was as follows:Diet350-450g (450-600 calories) of…
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  • How To Handle The Night Shift: Parenting Style

    Margaret Bjork
    30 Sep 2014 | 5:00 am
    When planning for your maternity leave, you’re going to hear a whole lot from the mom-experts about sleep (or lack there of). Everyone will tell you about the whole “not sleeping” aspect of bringing home a newborn, to the point where you’ll feel like you’re headed into some sort of terrible torture. In reality, it certainly is tough, but it’s not impossible. In fact, you might be surprised at how much you and your spouse enjoy it. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. When you look back on all the moments you have with your child, being able to care for them when they need you in the…
  • The Science Behind Negative Self-Talk

    Shauna Mackenzie
    29 Sep 2014 | 5:00 am
      Confidence is one of the most elusive emotions one can seek. It comes from within, yet there are times when it’s so difficult to find. Sometimes our nerves and our negative thoughts can stand in the way of achieving it, and when we don’t find the confidence we need, we’re often left feeling worse than before. Confidence is one of the most elusive emotions one can seek.Click To Tweet - Powered By CoSchedule Negative self-talk is not only a major obstacle in being confident, it also affects our minds and bodies in detrimental ways. Why do we put ourselves down, and what is the…
  • Natural Beauty Secrets: Dry Skin Brushing

    Jessie Maher
    26 Sep 2014 | 5:00 am
    Dry skin brushing is one of my all time favorite things.  If I were Oprah I would give you all a brush.  As the name implies, dry brushing is done before the shower with a dry brush on dry skin.  It’s an awesome body exfoliator that will prep your skin for lotion by getting rid of dead skin and allowing moisture to sink right in.  Also on its list of tricks is smoothing the skin, getting rid of bumps and impurities, promoting cell renewal and opening pores. It’s also a formidable weapon against cellulite (can I get an amen!).  If you’ve never used one, you’ll be happy you…
  • Craft a thoughtful thank-you note with our easy 4-step template

    Camille Sligh
    25 Sep 2014 | 5:00 am
    The other day I received the most kind, unexpected gift from someone. The feeling you get when you receive something from someone “just because” or they “saw it on vacation and thought of you” is something of the warm and fuzzy sort. It is kind of like receiving an unexpected compliment – it just feels good! In the office, we’ve talked about receiving gracefully, whether it be a compliment or a gift and being able to accept that sometimes people just want to give you a little something (take it!). The best thing you can do is truly feel “the goodness” in receiving…
  • The Balancing Act: How to Make Time for Yourself as a Working Parent

    Margaret Bjork
    24 Sep 2014 | 5:00 am
    Being a working parent is a balancing act. We give so much to our careers and to our kids that it’s often difficult to think of anything else. I do believe it’s important, however, to focus on being a fulfilled individual and a connected spouse, which can sometimes go overlooked in the hustle and bustle of daily life. But the two things do go hand in hand in my opinion: in order to be a happy, participating parent and employee, you need to feel personally satisfied. You need to feel like a whole person, and wholeness is achieved by connecting family, friends, a career, and your own…
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  • Saga Users Safe from Shellshock, AKA the Bash Bug

    Teresa Demel
    27 Sep 2014 | 9:52 am
    The news about Shellshock broke on Thursday, uncovering a vulnerability in Mac OSX and Linux systems that use BASH, the widely used command line utility. We want to reassure our users that the security and privacy of their Saga data is safe. Our team responded as soon as the announcement was made, identifying and patching all services affected by this bug. We are keeping an eye on any new threats related to the bash bug. To learn more about Shellshock, click here. The post Saga Users Safe from Shellshock, AKA the Bash Bug appeared first on Blog.
  • Total Automation: Put Your Life on Autopilot

    Kitty Ireland
    19 Sep 2014 | 9:31 am
    The Age of Automation We live in the age of automation. Or perhaps more like the age of aspirational automation. Smartphones, the Internet of Things, and IFTTT enable a ton of automated tasks, but we don’t yet have the technology or sufficient security to automate the really important things. The truly automated life will require robots, self-driving cars, and software that can respond to messages meaningfully. Still, there are many things you can manage more efficiently and automatically if you use the right tools. Here are some examples to help you get to total automation: Automate Your…
  • New Release: Building a Better Lifelog with IFTTT

    Teresa Demel
    18 Sep 2014 | 4:30 pm
    Add more content to your lifelog. Export it to your favorite platforms. Saga and IFTTT are at it again. As partners in automating everything, today’s IFTTT release helps you customize the content in your lifelog, export it to your favorite applications, and send yourself smart reminders while you are out exploring. Give a gift to your future self. Set up some recipes in IFTTT and let Saga take care of the rest. Tell Your Unique Life Story Our integration with IFTTT adds exciting new customization options for your lifelog. Now, you can automatically add notes to your lifelog, such as status…
  • What Gets Quantified in Bed is Not Just Sleep

    Kitty Ireland
    11 Sep 2014 | 11:00 am
    What Gets Quantified Between the Sheets (It’s Not Just Sleep) Generally speaking, people who engage in Quantified Self experiments are trying to improve something — often health or fitness-related. Apps and wearables are now available to track almost anything, including your sex life. The internet recently collectively snickered at the guy who sent his wife a spreadsheet  detailing her reasons for not having sex with him over the course of a month. This probably did not have the desired effect, especially after she posted it on Reddit. There have, however, been more successful sex…
  • Quantifying the LTR: How Couples Use Data For Healthy Relationships

    Kitty Ireland
    4 Sep 2014 | 11:04 am
    This is the second in a three part series on quantified dating, relationships, and sex. The Habits of Healthy Relationships Long term relationships are a bit puzzling. Some couples stay truly satisfied over decades of marriage, while others disintegrate within a few years. Some even choose to stay in unhappy relationships for decades. There doesn’t seem to be a formula, but there are ways couples use Quantified Self tools to strengthen their relationships. Self tracking tools bring unbiased information about a partner’s emotional state, such as whether or not he slept well or she enjoyed…
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  • Rules for simple living

    Santoshh Singh
    29 Sep 2014 | 7:26 am
    The post Rules for simple living appeared first on Palchoice. In today’s complex world it’s very difficult to live a simple life, even if you want to do so. But why simplicity is required in life? Are there any rules for simple living? Complexity of today’s world has resulted in tremendous amount of stress and tension in our life. That’s why it always a good [...] The post Rules for simple living appeared first on Palchoice.
  • Success habits: only fools will avoid these

    Santoshh Singh
    23 Sep 2014 | 10:33 pm
    The post Success habits: only fools will avoid these appeared first on Palchoice. What is the one thing that every person desire in life? It is the desire to achieve success in life. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, male or female, big or small, black or white: you want to succeed in life. But why only a few achieve success in life? You must [...] The post Success habits: only fools will avoid these appeared first on Palchoice.
  • How to motivate yourself to start working

    Santoshh Singh
    21 Sep 2014 | 8:47 pm
    The post How to motivate yourself to start working appeared first on Palchoice. We all are working to achieve our goal in life. Some people love what they are doing while others are doing it to sustain themselves. So whether we like it or not we all have to work. So how you can motivate yourself to start working? When you like your work, then this question is [...] The post How to motivate yourself to start working appeared first on Palchoice.
  • 5 things that successful people hate

    Santoshh Singh
    19 Sep 2014 | 4:11 am
    The post 5 things that successful people hate appeared first on Palchoice. Do you want to know what are the 5 things that successful people hate? In fact they hate these things so much that they avoid it like a plague. And because they do this they are so successful in life. Every single person on this earth possesses these 5 things. But the best part is [...] The post 5 things that successful people hate appeared first on Palchoice.
  • Best free wordpress plugin to boost traffic

    Santoshh Singh
    17 Sep 2014 | 3:13 am
    The post Best free wordpress plugin to boost traffic appeared first on Palchoice.   It is a dream of every blogger to attract millions of visitors to his blog. Obviously more visitor means more money and a successful blog. But most blogger struggle to attract sufficient traffic to their blog. Not getting enough traffic is an extremely frustrating and heart breaking experience. Lack of traffic can kill your [...] The post Best free wordpress plugin to boost traffic appeared first on Palchoice.
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    Redesign My Existence

  • 14 Anti Aging Foods To Keep You Young

    24 Sep 2014 | 12:54 am
    Let’s be honest, everybody grows older.  There’s no escaping that fact. But you can escape ending up with a face that’s more crumpled than an old newspaper. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, not everybody looks their age. And the easiest way to slash years off how you look (and how you feel) is to eat […] The post 14 Anti Aging Foods To Keep You Young appeared first on Redesign My Existence.
  • How To Develop Attention To Detail Like Outkast Didn’t

    10 Sep 2014 | 9:40 am
    Photo credit: Jamie Tanner This was the moment I was waiting for. I stood there, alongside 37,000 other excited people, patiently waiting for Outkast – the headline act for Ireland’s largest music festival called the Electric Picnic – to take to the stage and do their thing. You could feel the anticipation in the air. […] The post How To Develop Attention To Detail Like Outkast Didn’t appeared first on Redesign My Existence.
  • My Personal Goals Progress Report: August 2014

    6 Sep 2014 | 9:23 am
    Each month, I post a progress report on my personal goals for the year that I publicly committed to right here on my blog. I do this to be completely honest, open and transparent with you.  I also do it to put extra pressure on myself to deliver on these goals.  There’s nothing like being in […] The post My Personal Goals Progress Report: August 2014 appeared first on Redesign My Existence.
  • How To Create The Mindset For Wealth

    28 Aug 2014 | 3:57 am
    Let me ask you, what are the odds that you’ll become a millionaire? One in a million? One in a thousand? Well, the answer is 1 in 50. That’s right, 1 in 50 people living in the world right now are millionaires. This makes it entirely doable and something that’s very achievable for you. Boom. […] The post How To Create The Mindset For Wealth appeared first on Redesign My Existence.
  • How To Lose Weight Fast: Five Great Tips

    18 Aug 2014 | 7:48 am
    Looking for the easiest way to lose weight? And how to lose fat fast? One area of my life that I’ve always worked hard on has been my personal health and fitness. As a result, I’ve achieved pretty good results. But I’m always striving to get leaner and leaner in terms of my body fat. […] The post How To Lose Weight Fast: Five Great Tips appeared first on Redesign My Existence.
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